"Fashion at the speed of life"

It’s that time again to shed fashion for novelty, Halloween. However, the fashionista in me is screaming, “add some trendy element to your costume” and “be more innovative then a sexy (insert character here)”. Of course, our wallets are tight in what seems to be no longer a recession but a way of life for Americans, we need to live more affordable which means expensive costumes are just out of the question. So this month we are going to post Halloween related blogs every Wednesday starting with makeup, then clothes, then hair and finally nails to compete your look based on three iconic characters, Cleopatra, The bride of Frankenstein, and Tink-a-belle (or a fairy in general).

Floating eyeliner

Egypt invented eyeliner and mascara so using this trend to create a perfect Cleopatra is ideal. It was difficult to find a tutorial on recreating the look that graced the runway of Rag & Bone so we are creating a tutorial here:

  1. Apply foundation to the lids.
  2. Apply primer.
  3. Here is the tricky part, make sure to follow the arch of your eyes (not your eyebrow) and avoid the crease of your eye.

Stick to black for this look but you can use any color (or stick to season colors of blue, and green) in everyday use.

Winged Eyeliner

It is clear that eyeliner is the star of this season and also the perfect way to create a fairy eye. I actually found a video tutorial for this look:

Pair this look with the neutral skin fall trend and add a creme shimmer for a dewy effect.

Strong eyes

A smoky eye is usually the way most people reproduce a bride of Frankenstein look but we wanted something more trendy (and less overplayed). Plus, the under-eye shadow can add a hollow look that smoky eye can’t do (and if you tried, it would look like Raccoon eyes). Adding red eyeshadow instead of brown may create a more dramatic effect. The video tutorial adds red lips which is a no-no this season but we are going for costume and it will make the bride more sexy.

I hope you liked the first installment of our special Halloween as fashion. Stay tuned for our next installment on October 16th, clothing trends to go with it.


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