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Style File: Preppy Punk

Style File: Preppy Punk

New fashion styles are hard to find. There are so many trends out there,defining yourself with a unique prospective is getting tough. Who knows, maybe fashion wants you to spend so much time on trends that we all become automatons to fashion. Well, at our blog, we like to showcase unique style combinations and this style file we salute a fashion hybrid style gaining momentum, preppy punk. The most famous celebrity of this pinup meets classic meets punk look is Katy Perry.

Pinup can be seen as the distant cousin to Sweet Lolita but more traditionally, it takes iconic looks from the 1920’s to 1940’s such as the poodle skirt silhouette and the light fabric with little stretch. Classic style comes in with the need for it to showoff the figure without being too tight or short. Then, we add the iconic prints now anonymous with punk: plaid, polka dots, stripes and kitschy pop culture.

This style file just highlights the basic look of the trend but do your homework before making this style your own. It is not for wallflowers and calls for a lot of experimentation.


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