"Fashion at the speed of life"


Empty fashion houses are becoming an epidemic

With the recent vacancy in the house of Louis Vitton, we have to start wondering when fashion houses will stop cycling the same designers and seek riding stars. The fashion industry is probably one of the few industries left that put experience before raw talent and indeed, it may be hurting them.


Rag & Bone has built a successful brand in just 5 years, leaving veteran designers wanting to follow suit.

What about my line?

You may ask yourself why a designer may leave a fashion house that has built a solid reputation, strong sales, and a sure future. The answer will always be, what about my fashion viewpoint? With younger designers like Zac Posen, Phillip Lim and Rag & Bone skipping the years of internship designers use to have to complete and just producing a line (a profitable one at that); older designers are wondering why they should sacrifice thier own lines for another. Several houses lost designers this year because of it. So the next question, when is new blood going to enter the fashin houses?


Not everyone at FIT or Parsons starts thier own line

Students from the top schools every year just to become assistants, workers and other fashion industry jobs. I wonder why so many graduates, just don’t start thier lines right away and the answer is money. It may be in fashion houses to hire not recent graduates but those who choose the internship route, let them work within the company and perhaps let them become assistant directors overtime. It worked for Alexander McQueen so why not? The fashion house then can retain it’s viewpoint while not fearing archival rebirths (which may be the heart of trends).


Don’t be afraid of puppies

Fashion houses should stop being afraid to hire new people even if it is not a big job, I am still seeing the same names in rotation. If you hire a name that no one has heard of, will it affect sales? I assure you it will not. If you can teach old dogs nee tricks then a puppy should be child’s play.


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