"Fashion at the speed of life"

Even though, we recent noticed that Halloween costumes are already at 60% off some of us still rather be original then spend money on one day. So for those of us who just want to step out with your friends or kids and look in the spirit, we are suggesting some ideas to make a bride of Frankenstein, Cleopatra or fairy costume.


Laurel showcases metallic print trend

Metallic clothing

Cleopatra was famous for her love of gold so wear a gold dress or a gold shirt with a netural bottom to create this costume. Pair with the makeup look from last wednesday and you have the beginnings of your costume.


Donna Karen showcases sheers in her fall 2013 collection


Fairies are very ethereal so the fall sheer trend is a great costume idea. If it is going to be cold; add leggings and a turtle neck in a flesh tone color so not to break the elusion. New sheers also include solid blocks for an even easier conversion to cold weather.


Lavin's Lingerie looks for fall 2013

Lingerie looks

Wrapped arms and a robe like dress was the first outfit associated with Bride of Frankenstein but we want her to be more sexy. The lingerie look of fall 2013 is a great way to update the look but any gown in your closet would do. She is getting married right?


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