"Fashion at the speed of life"

Nicki Minaj for Kmart

At a launch event Tuesday for her Kmart collection, Minaj said skepticism of stars lacking formal design training is “understandable,” but she insists it’s “not about being a designer.” (billboards.com)

We have to admit she was right. It is obviously about making money off fans who want your look even though you don’t even know how to create it. Minaj’s collection for K-mart is a collection of past and recent trends (the ones that went out so quickly, we thought they were micro-trends), cliches (everything of lycra?) and prints that scream street wear (too much leopard).

Citing clothing references like Gucci, Versace and Juicy Couture, we can only say she did get the fabric swatches (velour) and prints right but the design tactic is lacking. Some of the pieces look like trend Frankenstein where one bag has 6 of the recent trends including faux fur, leopard print, the iridescent trend (remember that one?), shiny plastic leather, chain handles, and of course studs while others can be found in any dollar general store (her jewelry line is composed of thick chain and resin rings).

These Frankenstein-like bags may be the result of her Facebook fans…

Other clothing choices actually do hit some good notes. The puffer jackets are worth a look because no one can go wrong with puffer jackets since the hood is the only thing you can decorate, huh, design. In this case, if you happen to be a fan and really want something from the collection, pick the cool hats and the puffer jackets. The jewelry is to trend driven and the clothes are just like everything else so it won’t really say Nicki Minaj. The handbags have some good qualities (my sister and mom love the clutches in the above picture).

All in all the collection gets a D- for too trend-driven, reproducing the same silhouettes in clothes and of course, it has nothing of the harajuku look for which Nicki Minaj is known. Maybe, she gave her fans too much of a voice and forgot her own.


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