"Fashion at the speed of life"

We covered clothes, and makeup for our three simple costumes, fairy, Cleopatra and Bride of Frankenstein. Now, we want the hair styles to go with it to almost complete our costume. Our final post will be the day before Halloween and will feature jewelry and other accessories. The final post will include links to all blogs so you can choose a costume get to work on Halloween night.

Christian Dior Backstage

Bride of Frankenstein

Traditionally,  beehive and extra body are great looks for the bride of Frankenstein but keeping up with trends, we are thinking more about the up-dos we saw walking the fall runways. For a more monster look ditch the wet look and add frizz detail (blow dry without adding conditioner).



Strong bangs were always the look for an Egyptian Queen and they are also in style now. Bangs are now thicker and shorter so go straight with the rest of the hair. For faux bangs, flip up a piece of long hair, pin it back and us a flat iron on the fold.



The pixie cut is the most traditional look for a fairy, but let’s face it, none of us is going to cut our hair for one day. So, the best thing to do is create a punk look with your hair. If you have short hair, then a side bang front combined with a spiked hair in the back (use hair spray to keep in place) will suffice. Long hair can create the look with a braiding the sides back and piling hair on top of the head. Pin and fold if top hair is really long. If all else seems too complicated, use temporary colors in your hair instead and leave as is.


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