"Fashion at the speed of life"

Fashion New Years Resolutions

The end of the year is near so we are cooking up some new years resolutions so we can all be fashionable. Since fashion isn’t just about clothes, our fashion resolution spans beauty, clothes and accessories. Let start with some beauty resolutions.

1. Pop of color – lipstick

Red is not the only lip color in style anymore. Mix it up with darker hues for fair skin (like ox blood or plum), bright hues for dark skin (orange and fuschia) and for those in between try neutral colors, red and pinks.

2. The 90’s were back…

Blush is back to being paired with a clean complexion.  It is best to use with netural hues again. Also try blush close to your skin tone for a more natural contour,

3. Try the side swept midi bang

I have been rocking the midi bang for years and now it is finally in vogue. 

4. Try eyeliner in loo of eyeshadow


With the wing tip look in trend all last year, eyeliner is having a moment. The new trend of floating eyeliner means you can experiment with color.

5. Go nude – wear just foundation

A flawless look can be achieved without the excess of eyeshadow, lipstick or blush. Go without the extras during the day and add on at night.

So, that’s our top beauty resolutions for 2014.


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