"Fashion at the speed of life"

After moving from Florida to New York, I watched my family members layering all wrong and wondered how many others are also failing to keep themselves warm in what happens to be record breaking cold weather. Common mistakes like not enough socks, not wearing a hat and wearing a t-shirt as your base layer can lead to upper respiratory illnesses, influenza, the flu and worst of all pneumonia. On the other hand, I saw many a girl thinking  she had to sacrifice sexy for warmth with no stockings, short dresses and heels (the open top of the feet kind, no boots or booties here). So here is a polyvore set to showcase layering fashionably:

Layering: How its done

The most important base to any outfit is thermal undergarments. These polyester blend products don’t hold moisture like cotton blends ( t-shirts are not recommended as a layer because they hold moisture). Thermal set of pants and shirt come together in many low end stores like k-mart and Sears. The second set should have a wool or polyester and wool blend. Always cover top and bottom so add tights and a turtle neck as the second layer. Final layer is your main outfit. If your main outfit is a dress, I saw a great extra layer at Uniqlo, a slip that turns your sweat into heat for 13 dollars!! This may be your base under your thermal set. The turtle neck is still a great layer to add to your dress especially if the dress is sleeveless. Make sure it is a sweater dress or at least a polyester blend.

The best rule for cold weather is the colder the more layers. At 50 to 40 degrees one layer is fine, 30 to 20degrees -2 layers, 10 degrees 3 layers and anything lower is 4 layers before you put your coat on. A hoodie is a great 4th layer in lower degree weather. Extra hats, socks and fingerless gloves can be required for below freezing temperatures. Socks should have extra reinforced toes to help prevent frost bite.

Stay warm everyone!!!


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