"Fashion at the speed of life"


As the fashion industry prepares to show their fall and winter collections we are looking just around the corner to the warmth of spring and the end of snow storm season.

So we flip through the January magazines and see so many trends, it seems that everything in style accents what we usually hide from crop top to sheers. So how do you keep trendy without baring our not so great assets?

This dilemma is solved with the color of the year, radiant orchid. Lucky for us, this is not the only color this year to make a splash this spring. From bright colors to lovely netruals, here is your style color forecast for spring.


You probably live in neutrals and this year, we have two colors. Go safe with sand and daring with placid blue.


Dark colors for rockers and neon for punk are both in style this year. Play it safe with peloma (a dusty gray) for rockers and for punk, cayenne is a pinkish red. Go daring by switching safe colors.



Soft pastels are a basic go to color. This year, romance can play it safe with violet tulip and daring with freesia which is close to golden rod yellow.

For vintage, play it safe hemlock and go daring in celosia orange.


Since white and blue are your basic palettes, play it safe with placid blue and go daring wuth dazzling blue. Add naturals like peloma and sand to move away from white.


Thank goddess that silver is in this year but a pleasant alternative is peloma and freesia is a get daring alternative to gold.

If all else fails, we all have the color of the year to fall back on, long live radiant orchid.


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