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Sarah Boyd, the founder of Simply Stylist, is designing a jewelry collaboration with accessory brand, Capwell+ Co. to benefit the Farley Project, a 501c3 non-profit organization aiming to make a bold impact in the ever-increasing culture of bullying, and is the vision of entertainment and brand publicist Elissa Kravetz.

I sat down with Elissa Kravetz and Sarah Boyd to learn their inspiration for the line and where they hope the foundation will do to prevent bullying in the near future.

Me: What inspired you to create the Farley project?

Elissa: I was bullied very badly when I was in 7th grade..and I consider myself lucky because it only lasted for a few months.  It was brutal though, I was told to kill myself, had “DIE B***H” written on my locker, egged in the lunchroom, one girl sold tickets so people could watch me get beat up after school.  I lived the next 20 years of myself seeming to be a very confident girl on the outside, but on the inside I did not feel very good about myself.  About 4 years ago after a breakup I started boxing.  A few classes in I started picturing my ex best friend from 7th grade on the punching bag.  I hadn’t thought about what had happened to me for years, and all of a sudden it was coming up.  I realized that the emotions were still in my body and I just started talking about it..a lot.  I hadn’t really told anyone that I was bullied (except for my family)  I was approached to speak to 500 students at an elementary school here in LA.  A few months later I was asked to speak at a camp.  Each time I would share my story there was such a profound impact on the kids.  I KNEW that I had to continue doing this, I knew I had to help.  We opened a bank account and the charity was born 🙂  Farley was the name of my middle school where It all began.  We now have a 7 week curriculum teaching about love and kindness.

 Me:What do you hope to accomplish with this charity?

Elissa: My mission is for no student to ever eat lunch alone in the cafeteria because I know all to well how that feels..and it doesn’t feel good.  I want to instill a sense of self in students. I want those who are being bullied to know that there is nothing wrong with them!  It has nothing to do with them and everything to do with the person being cruel.  And the bullies are not to be faulted either.  They don’t feel good.  Happy people are kind to others.  Hurt people hurt people.  The bullies just want to be heard, they need a hug.  I also want to drive the point in that there are extreme long term affects when you are bullied.  Kids and even some teachers and parents have the mind set of “kids will be kids and this kind of thing happens all the time” but they do not realize that their actions can severely affect someone later in life.

Me:How is the esthetic of the jewelry connected with the charity?

Sarah: We knew, upon creation of the collaboration, that we wanted to donate the proceeds to a charity close to our hearts. I myself was bullied through high school and I would not wish that upon anyone. Being scared to go to school in fear of getting verbally or physically harassed is something that needs to stop. It’s happening in schools nationwide and The Farley Project is tackling this problem one school at a time to reinforce love rather than hate.

 Me:I have read that you want troops to visit the schools on behalf of the charity? What message do you think this will convey?

Elissa:Right now our 7 week program is taught by Farley Project Ambassadors.  These ambassadors have been put through our training program and have HUGE hearts.  We sit in a circle and learn WITH the students.  Eventually I would love for there to be Farley ambassadors in every city!

Me:Any future projects?

  Elissa: Yes!!  We have a lot of amazing things cooking in 2014,  but I cannot release them just yet!  We are planning to partner with some larger Advocacy groups.  And we are the official charity partner for Sarah Boyd’s upcoming Simply Stylist Series.


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