"Fashion at the speed of life"

Fashion week started with a whimper this week because of minimal invites and the expansion of shows (some all the way in Brooklyn) stretching far and wide from the Lincoln Center. We ran into clueless pediatricians, chagrined bloggers (taking street style outside of the Lincoln Center) and  shiftless bodyguards trying to keep the order. So the questions remains, is by limiting invites making fashions shows passe?

The first day we went to the Lincoln Center by mistake, outside there was blogger-modium but inside you can hear a pin-drop. So few were checking in that I wondered if the fashion show was going out of style. I left the Lincoln Center Tri-fecta (Pavilion, Salon and Theater) with twin and fellow blogger, Eva, to the Kaplan house on the 10th floor of the Lincoln Center to see the Installation of Raoul and later to the Hub at the Hudson Hotel for Jay Godfrey’s Installation.

The installations are a new way to see collections with a combination between exhibition and fashion show. It allows for a closer look at the clothes and in the case of Raoul, a new accessories collection. We were excited to see Raoul return after 2 years to fashion week. We also noted a continuous stream of fashion goers (and bloggers) coming in and out. The installation also runs 4 times longer than a standard fashion show; allowing for longer viewing time. I would have loved a press juncture so we can ask the designers some questions and some refreshments served (I think it would encourage people to stay longer). I did enjoy the shows and here are my synopsis of both collection installations we saw the first day of fashion week:

Raoul: Animal print, quilting and black and white

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Raoul used trends to build a successful line of clothes and accessories. Some of the looks were a little cliche with the always-trendy animal print but others were a revival from popular looks of yester-year with quilting details in his handbag line. The black and white trend is given a little edge with textured fabrics and graphic prints. However, I preferred the more out of the box looks of feathers and metallic. Tommy Hilfiger once said the secret to a successful brand is to create looks for real people and I think he accomplished the right mix.

Jay Godfrey: Rocker Romance

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Leather and lace never looked so appealing as at Jay Godfrey’s installation that created rocker vibes with a live guitarist. The show was so packed we had to wait in line to get into the installation which was an all-black room with spot light on the 12 models which ensued an “I don’t care” rocker attitude. Sequin in bright colors breaks up all the black outfits and since the sequin is so small in diameter, it was a glamorous addition to the collection. As we left people continued to file in and we knew that the installation may be the future of fashion.



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