"Fashion at the speed of life"

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Emerson’s show was primed with sheers and print combinations, neutral purples and sequin looks reminiscent of golden sunsets and dreamy air of a summer night but also tough quilting and novelty prints of chain and glass. The collection suggested a combination of the soft sheers of romance and the lusty prints of rock and roll. So it was no surprise to learn about her inspiration for the collection:

As Jackie explains, “For Fall/Winter 2014, I was inspired by strong women who are breaking the mold; shattering the idea that women are supposed to dress or act a certain way. I’m not into the whole “princess” ideal at all; I want young women to just be themselves without worrying about what others think. I also loved the TV show American Horror Story: Coven, and you can see a bit of a witchy vibe reflected in the collection.”

The idea was further conceived with the addition of Doc martens as shoe ware; shoes know for their tough exterior and ability to survive harsh environments. Is that not the description of a tough woman? My sister and I enjoyed the show and since we are twins and direct contradictions to each other; I love the romance chic and she loved the rocker edge.

Sheer joy

Purple and gray sheers flowed down the runway with layered skirts and blousy shirts, making me feel it was worth freezing a little to wear these designs during the winter months but also the clothing becomes versatile which means you can wear them all year through spring and summer as well. This fact adds a timeless feel to the designs.

Custom prints

FW14 Fabrics:

  • Custom prints include: Spectral Duchess Satin, inspired by a glass ceiling (Black, White, Navy); Emerson Plaid Silk Twill (Black, White, Lavender).
  • Novelty Fabrics include: Shattered Glass Silver Lace, Black Sequins, Chain Knit; Chiffons in Black, Lavender and Mauve; Specialty Chiffons in Black Window Pane Chiffon, Champagne/Silver Dot Chiffon, Black/Champagne Dot Chiffon; Knits in Blush Pink Knit in Navy Blue, Ash Grey, and Black Textured Stripe Knit; Leather in Black Lambskin, Navy Blue Suede, Grid Wool in Black & Cream.

Adding custom prints gave the show originality with a focus on rocker prints and knits. We also liked the addition of jackets from quilted to vegan leather. The prints had an added feature; they changed what would otherwise be a dull color palette (gray, lavendar, black, white and navy blue) to a variety of texture and theme.


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