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Unlike most designers that draw a different inspiration every season (based on trend or the look of the moment) that doesn’t resemble of prior collections, Noon by Noor stays tried and true to the aesthetic that the sisters had when they launched their brand  in 2008: understated luxury with a playful femininity.

The aesthetic this season was further complicated with sequin accents, bright colors (most likely an influence from their Middle Eastern heritage), smooth tailing (an American staple) and ambiguous prints which have cropped up on trend for the past three seasons. We also saw the sheer fabric from other shows at this show but unlike Emerson’s organza and neutral colors, Noon by Noor created sweater dresses with sheer skirts, and paired sheers with thicker fabrics. The press release stated the following inspiration was added to the aesthetic:

For Fall 2014, nature was referenced as the starting point for the collection. The beautiful colors and unique markings in minerals and crystals inspired the designers to look at patterns found in the natural environment. Cloud formations, crystalline structures and geometric patterns seen in minerals are translated into the brand’s signature prints.

I fell in love with two-toned color and fabric coats and enjoyed sweaters which we had not seen anywhere else from our seats. In fact, I wondered if we were at Spring 2015 before seeing this show. The sweaters were embellished, some were hairy (possible mohair accents), and lovely fabric mixes.

Coats were over-sized and printed, with accents on board shoulders and thick sleeves. They were perfect for layering. The show proved that there can be a love affair between functionality and fashion.

Celebrities were actually at the show including Solange Knowles, Nigel Barker, and Coco Rocha which we can say were the first celebrity siting. We all know about the band on bloggers and celebrities so this siting was actually a treat. It also drew a crowd of photographers that no doubt stayed to take pictures of the show proving that celebrities are great for publicity even after they leave. Something to think about next season.

CashmereCashmere wool from the Cashmere goat


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