"Fashion at the speed of life"

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The morning of the show, a blizzard of mass portions landed on the tri-state area. We had thought the show would be canceled since the other show we had was already rescheduled. We received an email saying the show was moved to an hour later. We checked the twitter sphere and laughed to read a post from @mercedesbenzfw “Snow won’t stop fashion. It is still on.”

So we put on our galoshes and braved  the blizzard for seats at Hernan Lander. We were greeted by the staff as “true fashionistas” as we arrived in the middle of the blizzard. Unfortunately, the sponsors were not so dedicated. The lounge was empty except for papyrus which was still handing out valentine’s day cards for tomorrow.

The show was a typical showcase of prints and leather looks that we saw at several other shows and even the music was recycled since we heard the Misshapes at several shows (official music of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week NY?). We had great seats even though a portion of the seats were removed. I guess Seventh house PR had little faith in their own marketing strategy or even the designer to pull a crowd.

The show started late, people stole gift bags and the seaters had a poor attitude. We were thankful when the show started which was greatly arranged for photography. The collection however was lack-luster and the theme stated in the flyer:

Hand-developed prints enlivening the dimensions of a collection featuring geometric shapes worn over roomy bottoms and fitted tops.

actually seemed to describe how a stylist would put the pieces together then the inspiration for the collection.  Some designers should stick to menswear.


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