"Fashion at the speed of life"

To retail, the fall season is already over and we are looking forward to Spring as well. Who isn’t tired of the snow? In some respect, the sheers in fall are similar to the spring sheers without the bright colors. We all want to afford the new trends but it may be best to shop our closets and then add additional items to update our wardrobe. So here is our spring version of what to keep, toss or buy for every style:

full skirts are back and great for vintage and romantic dressers.

Romance & Vintage

Keep: Pastels are still in fashion so keep mints, rose and lemon colors.

Toss or store: Sheers are out after two seasons for spring. However, they remain strong in Fall 2014 so it may be necessary to store darker print sheers and toss the light colors.

Buy: Full long skirts are making a come back but don’t buy too much because this trend could be a passing fad.


Punk and Rock

Keep: Black and white accents are still strong this season so keep pairing dark bottoms with white tops.

Toss or store: Leather looks are out for spring but remain a strong look in jackets for fall 2014. Store leather like jackets and toss leather like tights unless they have patchwork detail.

Buy: Clothes with netting accents which would be a great addition to your wardrobe.



Keep: Athletic looks and light sweaters with a kitschy feel are still in for spring.

Toss: graphic tees. Graphic prints remain in style but in more blousey looks.

Buy: White shirts because they are easy to dress up and dress


Keep: black and white with sequin accents.

Toss: Peek a boo looks which are not coming back in style.

Buy: Irridescent solids but in minimal because they are difficult to pull off and may not resurface next season.


Keep: White shirts are a staple for your wardrobe and are trending this spring.

Toss: printed jeans were a way to class up a casual outfit but this trend is not resurfacing for spring.

Buy: Suits. For more affordable look, buy separate blazers and bottoms in similar colors and prints and pair with that white shirt.


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