"Fashion at the speed of life"

Floral prints are very romantic but how do you incorporate it into other looks?

Floral print has so many looks this season, any fashion style can incorporate it into their wardrobe. This week we are going to focus on one spring trend and show how it can be added to any wardrobe. This style is very romantic and vintage so we will not cover this fashion style in this blog.


Small floral print and paint-like prints can be very classic.

For classic dressers, it is necessary to either go small or artistic. To pair down the look add a flowing pant or skirt in either a neutral or the base color of the floral print. A floral print shirt can be added to a pastel pant suit for work while a floral dress above can take the look to events and night life.


Small flowers on a broad canvas is great for everyday while large floral prints are great for a night out.

For casual dressers, add jeans to a random floral print shirt or tee (similar to the second from left). Random flowers on a pastel background can be very casual and can be found on t-shirts. For a more bold look, large Hawaiian like floral print can be worn for a night out.


Stick to black and white floral prints for rock and punk looks.

Black and white floral prints can be dressed with studs and spikes without overpowering the rocker edge. For punk dressers, color can be added on the bottom, pants or fitted skirts. Blazers and jackets can dress up the look to wear at night.


Adding trim to floral print makes it look more glamorous.

Adding trim detail in print or beading immediately adds glamor. We love the short suit above for a casual look but a long dress for night.


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