"Fashion at the speed of life"

Gingham has always been a staple in casual style. Who else can wear it?

Gingham is a great spring trend but versatility wise, I can’t help but wonder if it can be added to other wardrobe styles other than casual (with a country feel). In the above picture we showcased gingham in several different styles.


The first picture shows gingham in a classic look. The short crop gingham top is paired down with a long skirt and a short jacket. The best way to incorporate gingham into a classic outfit is shirts. A tailored pant or a hoop skirt takes the look into classic. Dress it up further with a jacket.


The second look is definitely vintage. The long sleeved bright colored gingham bright looks like a throwback from the 1970’s. The fitted skirt in a bright color adds a retro vibe. To make the look more romantic, switch the skirt from fitted to round (or flare) while keeping the bright color gingham print. Also trade the neon print for pastels.


The vegan leather accents on this black and white gingham dress makes it very rocker. Rock it up more with a moto jacket with stud accents. Punk it up more with bright colored stockings.


A gingham bottom is easier to dress up then a gingham top. For a more glamorous look, pair with a metallic top and statement heels.


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