"Fashion at the speed of life"


Mint green is having a moment. A long time ago, the only fashionable green was kelly green, a forest green with an inner glow. With the breezing in of pastels, mint green has become the newest green to wear even when it is not st Patricks day.

The history of mint green

Of course, there is nothing new in fashion.  In 1958, ralphen lauren used mint green in upscale dresses. It was also popular with accessories for women during that time.

Now it comes from couture to casual with the newest trend from tee shirts, pants, and even sneakers. The color is becoming mainstream quickly where h&m, forever 21 and joe fresh now carry the color. This occurrence is typical for a color that has been around for 2 years now.

Tips of wearing mint green

Pair it with a darker color in layers if you are casual, a cardigan in the color would be perfect. Sporty styles like the shirt above is also a good fit. Pants are great for classic dressers while romance and vintage can wear it anyway.  The color in patterns like strips can make the color more punk.

Happy St Patrick Day to you and birthday to us.


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