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We love Amy Lee and the last five years have been filled by controversy which made here even more interesting. Her feud with Ben Moody resulted in the breakup of her band which lead him to form a new band called the fallen which tried to mimic Amy Lee’s unique voice with an American Idol reject. They even tried to sue her for the name Evanescence and lost.

Now, Amy Lee has cut ties with her long term record company, Up-wind records, citing at $1.5 million over unpaid royalties and other alleged misdeeds by the record company.  Even though the lawsuit was filed last year, Amy Lee recently twitted “Today, for the first time in 13 years, I am a free and independent artist. I have wanted this for so long and I am so happy. CHEERS!” on March 18 2014.

Amongst the lawsuit, she recorded with friend and composer Dave Eggar for the indie film “War Story,” which  premiered in January at Sundance. And what she has to say might not be music to the ears of Evanescence fans awaiting the follow-up to her 2011 album but she does say the song in the movie “Push the Button” is different with a more electronic sound. Hopefully, nothing like the Kerli, “Zero gravity” misstep.

Her pregnancy may be a reason for the long wait for a new album. In a Twitter posting to fans, the 32-year-old Lee explained that she couldn’t keep the secret under wraps anymore and that here biggest “project” of the year was her child. It was not revealed whether she and her husband Josh Hartzler are have a boy or a girl. (loudwire.com)

So with all the news, 2014 will be the year for Amy Lee to return to the studio as a free agent, a baby in the belly and maybe electronic tunes in her music? Only time will tell. Amy lee told Ultimate music that

“I definitely have a lot of songs and ideas and things we haven’t shared yet and I still believe in them, so… you may still get your chance to hear all that stuff… I really only get into that mode when I’m home and finally separated from the chaos of a public life.”

And even gave a late 2014 release date for her new album (even though she told MTV she was not actively recording anything) but can she still sing with a baby against her diaphragm? Meanwhile, Wind-up records have sold all back catalogs of the band and no longer lists them as active artists. Ouch!

Amy lee will be performing at Kent State University on March 31, 2014 and may preform her new song, find a way, as seen here on youtube.



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