"Fashion at the speed of life"

It is no surprise that the constant trend atmosphere of fashion would make people yearn for a less aspirating fashion mood. With the rise of fast fashion, trends in one month and out another leading to constant sales and trip to the mall (I went twice in a week!!), we are more aware the importance of personal style as ever. It seemed the only way to escape the madness.

Well another group of fashion renegades has arisen creating the norm core movement; a style void of personal style and gasp, accessories. The base of this movement is to remove any aspect of originality and seems to remind me of the singularity movement that has gained speed in the past year. Like singularity (the idea of human souls in robot bodies in order to cheat death), this trend wants us all to look the same, saying that the new norm is looking like everyone else.

With the age of social media, this time is most likely the wrong time to come up with a trend that doesn’t set you apart from others. However, if you want to try norm core, here are some tips to pull off this trend originating in California (odd place since it is celebrity Mecca).

  1. Neutrals are important: Browns are the best color set for this group. They also like white, black and dark blue.
  2. No prints: Bright prints are a no-no but plaids seem to be acceptable.
  3. No jewelry: Ditch all your baubles.
  4. Wear your hair natural: Do not wear any hair accessories and no up-dos. Wash and go or brush and go. For ethic girls, no wigs but if you do perm, brush and go, if not do nothing.
  5. No makeup: What!? Yep, you heard me.
  6. Flats only: No heels, or flashy foot wear. Sneakers are for men only in this trend.
  7. Bag optional: Small bags or cross bodies. Try to just carry your cell phone and wallet only.



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