"Fashion at the speed of life"

Rocker, Classic, Casual and glam looks for sport wear.

I have always tried to educate people about the difference between sportswear and active wear. After of years of telling people the differences, they have somehow become the same. This year sportswear gets active wear features like side stripes, netting, cropping and roomy pants (well, it is a nice break from skinny jeans).

So how do we observe this trend in every style, with going norm core in frustration (read Monday’s post for details)? Here are our tips to wearing that tricky active sportswear fashion:


  1. Classic: Try those sweet side stripes pants with an airy blouse. Dress them up with heels.
  2. Rock: Those letterman jackets in black are great but also try clothes with netting details.
  3. Casual: Cropped hoodies with sporty features in grays, whites and blues.
  4. Romance: Can you say pleated tennis skirts? So cute.
  5. Vintage: Long pleated skirts have a 1950’s feel.
  6. Punk: Bright tank tops paired with side stripe shorts or pants.
  7. Glam: Metallic sport looks? You bet!


So try these styles this summer and trust me. You would love the easy breezy new style of sportswear.




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