"Fashion at the speed of life"

Floral prints can be romantic and vintage.


We all love a good sale but with trends moving at the speed of light, leaving a wake of trashed store floors, overcrowded closets and our credit card bills climbing higher, can we survive the new craze?

Rocker chic!! Fringe is in!!

It seems more important to have personal style more than ever so if you shop fast fashion stores like H&M, Forever 21, and Charlotte Russe, these are the trends you should embrace based on your personal style.


Slips are a great style for classic dressing.


  1. Casual: the sportswear as active wear trend is right in tune with your personal style.
  2. Punk: Neon is still in vogue with green leading the pack.
  3. Rock: Wearing leather looks in the summer.
  4. Romance: painted flower looks are just right for you.
  5. Vintage: Long skirts.
  6. Glam: metallic and paint accents.
  7. Classic: Loose fitting pants like harem and gauchos.

Glam stars – metal shine is in for summer.

So how do you determine what style you fit in? Check your closet and if you have these looks then you are:

  • If you have mostly t-shirts and jeans, casual.
  • If you hate jeans and prefer soft pants and airy shirts, classic.
  • If you have studs and grommets and mostly black, rock.
  • If you have bright colors, and quirky tees, punk.
  • If you love flared skirts above the knee, floral print and flats, romance.
  • If you shop at vintage stores, vintage.
  • If you like embellished clothes including metallic and beading, glam.


You can have a combination of the two or more looks as well. Check out our fashion   , to see combinations of each style. Happy shopping!!


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