"Fashion at the speed of life"

courtesy of images.wikia.com – Cast of Superman


After the success of our Norm core, we are dedicated this week to highlight several different styles that you may not know about but should. Since my twin is punk at heart, I decided that this week will be devoted to new Punk styles that seem to be coming to light.

According to the dailydot.com:

Like the other historically based aesthetic sci-fi movements, dieselpunk strives to alter something fundamental about what we know and understand of history. Whether it’s by advancing technology, infusing the universes with magic and the occult, inventing fantastical weaponry, or bringing 20th-century aesthetics forward into the future, dieselpunk is about amalgamation.


So what is diesel punk? Diesel punk is actually a paired down form of Steampunk so it found it’s roots in cosplay (costume play). Unlike steampunk which gets most of its styles from the 1920 with a futuristic edge; diesel punk is set in the 1940’s but does not add so much futuristic themes. In fact, we are seeing the trend on the runway with an emaphasis on layering, 1940’s love of fur, leather detail and glossy boots.

courtesy of 3.bp.blogspot.com

Since now happens to be the future of the 1940’s, it works. It is amazing how a costume based style has become so mainstreamed but with movies like “Captain America” and “Superman” (1920’s to 1960 settings); it is no wonder we have the past on our minds. So here are some tips on dressing diesel punk.

For Men:

It is all about neutral basics but unlike Norm core – The pants are suit pants and the coat has to be leather or fur. Scarfs and gloves are a necessary add-on. Shoes should always be boots. Dusters are optional but welcome.

For women:

Patterned pencil skirts with pleated tops or loose blouse. A sculptured blazer, and a circle skirt. A tie is a nice detail. Wear socks with sandals or kitten heels to complete the look.

Experiment to get your best look.



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