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There are so many trends coming out this summer that will leave a girl breathless and anxious all at the same time! What should I wear? Of course there are those trends we just don’t want to see anymore (cold shoulder is one, whose wearing shoulder cut out any way?) and others we can’t see ourselves in at all (my tummy still isn’t flat enough for a crop top).

So here is a list of the body conscious trends in every style:

Courtesy Imaxtree for elle.com – short fringe detail can update a rock or punk girl look.


You may feel the need to embrace trends like leather for summer and ripped jeans but leather is hot (I mean really hot) and ripped jeans can expose your legs to the burning sun. So here are some trends that you can wear while staying true to who you are:

  1. Embrace the Skate shoe – it used to be called slip on sneakers (think converse) but now renamed the skate shoe, it is popping up in designer collections everywhere.
  2. Wear some sheer – sheer is no longer sweet and since it is mostly accents it can be a nice way to dress up that rock girl style of yours.
  3. Textured fringe (dare)– what rocker girl does not love fringe but it has been a little hippie lately. Today’s fringe has a lot more to offer in shorter lengths.

Courtesy of Imaxtree at elle.com – graphic prints can add dimension to a classic’s monochromatic wardrobe.


You love pants especially those that stop at the ankle and blouses (the button down kind), but you need to update your look and here are some key trends that you can use to update your wardrobe:

  1. Wide length white pants – these pants are very cool for the summer and can look chic and effortless.
  2. Graphic print clothing (dare) – I know you love neutral colors because they are easy to match with your closet of separates (is there a dress in there?) but graphic prints come in neutral colors as well so try it out.

Courtesy of Imaxtree for elle.com – small detail embellishments can add sophistication to an other wise too girly look.


You don’t like jeans and as a romance girl, I want to have as many short flare skirts as possible. I love showing legs and decided to try shorts this summer. Of course, not jeans shorts (ew!) but soft fabric shorts, which can add more dimension to your closet.

  1. Try fabric shorts – shorts come in different lengths from Bermuda to daisy dukes, and fabric styles and prints can look chic when paired with a classic blouse or sheer shirt.
  2. Embellished details (dare) – If you are introverted like me then you hate drawing attention to yourself, however beaded clothes are really feminine and can take your wardrobe to the next level.


Jeans and t-shirts are your only friends and sometimes sweat pants creep into your everyday style. You love comfort but you can be in a style runt sometimes so here are some styles to embrace:

  1. Active wear as sport wear – We talked about this trend here in this blog as a great way to add dimension to your style. This trend combines the comfort you love with the functionality your wardrobe may be lacking.
  2. Pastels (dare) – Like our classic friends, you love neutral colors especially in your tops but pastels can also match with a lot of things, especially jeans and can add a girly touch to a wardrobe seen as tomboy-ish.

courtesy Glamour.com – Tuxedo-Meets-Athletic-Striped Trousers is perfect for glamour style icons.


You want to been seen and love to wear brand or logo clothing,embellished clothes and tailored looks. You look like you are going somewhere fancy even if you are just going to the mall. Although, your wardrobe lacks causal pieces and people will feel undressed around you. Here are some pieces to help you pair down your super fancy wardrobe:

  1. Boxy cropped jackets – These short jackets are akin to the blazer you like to wear instead of a jacket but are more casual and can be paired with more looks.
  2. Tuxedo length meets athletic trousers (dare) – As a dress person, pants are most likely not a feature in your wardrobe, these pants however will lead versatility and have a casual charm about them.

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