"Fashion at the speed of life"

Thomas Tait from London wins LVMH young designer award.

Thomas Tait

A dozen designers were picked out of a pool of 1221 applicants to participate in LMVH prize for young fashion designers which comes with a grand prize of 300,000 euros prize and mentoring by the group. The second and third place winners go home with 100,000 euros each.  We have all read about the winner, Thomas Tait. He spoke to NY Magazine about his future endeavors, he stated:

I would definitely like to move into accessories — handbags and leather goods. Shoes are something I already do, but I haven’t had the capacity to produce or sell them. And I definitely want to look into doing something in the distant future with skin care.

The designer’s clothing line walks the line between structure and flow, using a combination of rigid fabrics and somehow making them into cape-like extensions. His spring line produced an interesting color story with an trip into color with iridescent sheen and sweaters that did not make it into his winter collection, which was an interesting juxtaposition.

Hood by Air

Hood by Air won 2nd place with a prize of 100,000 euros.

Hood by air, from Minnesota, took second place (and 100,000 euros) with their urban wear men collection that featured bright colors, jersey style prints and well tailored pants. His women’s wear is less known but feature a menswear cut with square shoulders, wide sleeves and long lengths. Even Elle remarked:

“…with a parade of voguing dancers and clothes that defied easy categorization into male versus female and streetwear verus fashion”

The designer sat down with complex.com to discuss the motives behind his design described as 1990’s street wear staples but his love of color most likely originates from his time in Trinidad while the urban undertone came from moving to East New York, new jersey when he was 11.


sisters, Nikita and Tina Sutradhar of Miuniku

The final winner hails from India and is a pair of sisters who called their brand, Miuniku, a misspelling of the Japanese word “Minikui” which means ugly or hard to see. The sisters themselves,Nikita and Tina Sutradhar, sat down with Interview magazine to state the inspiration behind their winning collection, called “Mundane things”:

“The whole inspiration behind this collection was actually boring, daily chores,” Tina reveals of their newest work, the aptly titled “Mundane Things.” “Everything from washing and drying laundry to cleaning the house,” she continues. “The graphics came from repetitive patterns we noticed in things like dish drainers, our silhouettes from the shape of a bathrobe and how you tie the belt around yourself. Have you heard of Daz laundry detergent? The colors we chose came from the box—its blues, yellows, reds and oranges.”

Indeed, based on the name of thier brand, we can see how the sisters pull what would be seen as ugly, boring or just hard to see the beauty in as inspirations for their line. The clothing line has the cuts of Celine but the bright colors of Chanel and the inspiration of early Alexander McQueen who saw beauty in the oddest places.

We will surely see more of these designers in the future as they shape new paths for fashion.


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