"Fashion at the speed of life"

I always loved the range of new artist. Even when you think there are enough of music stars on the horizon; a new band comes out with a new twist on the same theme and you fall in love again. Lately, there has been a lot of singers that seem to sound like the famous songstresses of the past and some in the not so distant past. The question: Does sounding like someone else an insult or are they paying homage?

Similar sound and similar styles – Flattery or insult?

Grande vs Mariah Carey

We had high hopes for this Disney star but she hit the scene with a remake of “Emotions” which did without creating her own sound but sounding so much like Mariah Carey, she was nick-named “Little Mariah”. Then the hip hop song, “F***ing Problems” featuring A$AP seamed even more similar to Mariah Carey circa 1990’s. On an interview with Power 101.5, Mariah Carey said she was offended by the comparison. The young singer has even been styled like Mariah Carey, with sequin accented dresses and pulled back locks. Grande dreams of being the next Mariah Carey but she isn’t exactly dead. Yes, here last album did not sell well but the singer should not be counted as out of the game just yet. What do you think? Insult or flattery?

Karmin vs Nicki Minaj

It use to be that singers covered popular bands in order to find their sound but now they may be using it to get record deals and even discount the artist that already coined it. I had high hopes for Karmin (real-life couple Amy Heidemann and Nick Louis Noonan). Instead, Heidemann covered various Nicki Minaj songs then called here out on one of her songs:

“I ain’t happy seeing how it is/ Stop all the comparing me, no Nicki Minaj-erie/ Let me out the cage so I can fizz/ Cause all the femininity is looking for a rapper queen/ Banking on Azealia and Iggy/ Pretty damn amazing what you’ll do to be a star.”

Nicki Minaj smartly changed her sound; making Karmin irrelevant. However, there may be something to covering someone else’s song and making it their claim to fame.

The point is that music is a way to express yourself in an way other can relate and you can relate to yourself as well. The grass-root movement and fashion meets music craze are both examples of originality. If you do not have it, then do you really deserve to be a musician?


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