"Fashion at the speed of life"


It isn’t rare for a store to open in New York City in which H&M opened a store last Thursday.  However,  when a store comes all the way from Japan representing a novelty fashion craze I stopped and stood in line. My sister and  I headed down to 158 allen st (just near revington) to see Sweet Lolitas, visual keis and other punks wait for the grand opening of combo store, Baby the star shines bright and Tokyo Rebel.


We stood in line for 2 hours and since no pictures are allowed in the store, we took pictures of those waiting line.


The two hour wait wasn’t in vain since when we went into the store, we meet logoed barets, ruffled dresses in beautiful prints, crochet cardigans while on the other side Toyo Rebel covered studded pants, graphic tees with rock legend logos and grommets everywhere.


Oddly, for a Sweet Lolitas brand, BSSB had no Kawaii accessories. We did find teddy bear bags that my sister snagged (even though she was dressed for Tokyo Rebel) while I snagged a pocket watch necklace from Tokyo Rebel (dressed as a Sweet Lolita). The price tags are in Yen but the converted price includes port fees, county tax and sales tax bringing the final price up to 40% but the customers aren’t phased by this nor the 250 price tags on most dresses.


In any rate, the day was great and we had to think maybe it wasn’t just a novelty fashion craze, it was something beautiful,  a way to shed tension and to relax. There was also a spirit of friendship.


If you live in the NYC area, visit BSSB and Tokyo Rebel on 158 Allen St and for more Kawaii fun check out kawaiiland on July 25 at stage 48, from 6 to 11pm. Tickets are 15 dollars and are sold here.


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