"Fashion at the speed of life"


When I heard another H&M was opening on 5th ave, between the one on 51 and 42 located on 48; I was already asking myself, why? I did waltz in 2 hours after it opened to see if I could gleam the reason. A red carpet greeted me as well as several doormen. Huh? Is H&M going high end? It may seem as much. This store brought in a home department and a personal shopper.


Not to mention, it was six stories high with one floor underground.  The elevator does not go to the 5th floor adding to the mystery of the kids section located there.  As for Jeff Koon, go see his exhibit at the Rockefeller center. He is poorly represented here with the special edition leather bag being no more then a film sticker of the iconic balloon dog that made him famous. I can’t help to think Jeff Koon pulled a Krusty the clown and waved his hand in approval.


If you do stop by the store, check out the home department on the 4th floor. Everything else is over the top sequin, structure and form like they want to be Saks without the designers and the price tag.


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