"Fashion at the speed of life"


Every season we create a toss and keep for our fans in an effort to promote shop your closet and saving for those holiday shopping trips (one for you, two for me). Some people say that wearing past trends are dated but we say wearing the same trends in different ways makes all the difference so here we will list the seasonal keep, store and buy. We changed it from toss to store this season because everything seems to be in style. We are calling it the hodge podge effect. Enjoy!!!


Last year trends were not has versatile as the one this year. Styles like transparent, and holographic were not easy to incorporate into our everyday life style. This year, the trends are more casual and some are still in your closet has a part of your everyday style. So here is our list!

Graphic sweaters/sweat shirts – We all loved wearing our hearts on our chest and now we can do it all year around.

Dusters – Sweater dusters are back so it’s time to pull these out of our closet.

Laced up boots – Those sneaker boots you love are back in style. So pull out those Doc Martens.


This section use to be called toss but we like to promote personal style so in a later post we will discuss what to do with these items.

Leather jackets – Leather was worn throughout summer this year but somehow did not make it to Fall.

Plaid prints – Last year, punk styles were in trend. This year, the looks are more tailored.


Now it’s time to add items to your closet. We hope these items will become staples in your wardrobe.

Apocalypse styles – Holes, asymmetrically hems and frilled edges have great punk appeal.

Muppet coats – My sister has a couple of these coats and they look fab on her. As a fellow rocker, I know you will love it too.


This isn’t a trend but if have flair out dresses like the ones from iron fist, you can add pants and a turtleneck to bring them into your winter wardrobe.


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