"Fashion at the speed of life"

Vintage styles are having a moment and there is little you will have to store this fall. Romance had its moment last year but remnants still remain. So let’s get started with our seasonal list of keep, store, and buy.


For Vintage:

     Trench coats: Double breasted trench coats are in vogue right now.

      60’s Style dresses: Mod print mini dresses have a timeless look this season.

For Romance:

Sheers – This trend arrived in Fall 2013 and still is here. It might be here to stay.

Ruffles – More layers are added this season but you can still incorporate it into this seasons wardrobe.

Winter florals – Floral prints are still on trend even though styles are more organic this season.


We love our own style so why would we want to toss anything but here are some items to store…

Blush colored sweaters – pink and peach colors are out but mint green and pastel blues are still in style.

Wool flair skirts- This look was in style last fall but now more straight skirts are in style.


Pleats are the new ruffle this fall and they can be found in different lengths.

For romantics, dark romance is a trend this fall so shop for layered lace and combo fabric lace looks.

For vintage try sweater dresses in retro prints.


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