"Fashion at the speed of life"


This year fall has gone back to dark colors and some of us are happy about the ease of dark colors (who doesn’t have grey clothes in thier wardrobe); others however dark colors are the enemies of individuality. Unless, you want to look normcore, here are some other colors that can be added based on your style.



Punk has always combined bright colors with dark colors so I recommend adding misted yellow to your black or gray outfits. You will find this color mixed into plaids.
For Rockers, aurora red is your friend. The color has also been mixed into plaid this fall but mostly skirts and dresses.



Radiant orchid and mauve mist are two purple hues that will treat you well with gray. For a more daring outfit add cognac and one of these purple hues.



For casual dressing, the blues are for you (rhyme intended), bright cobalt and royal blue. These colors can be found in your favorite clothing accessory, jeans!
For classic dressers, aluminum is a creative way to build on two neutrals. If you ever want to add color to your wardrobe, think about cypress. A green dark enough not to overthrow your neutral outfits.


Sangria is like if wine and burgundy (isn’t that a wine too?) had a baby. It is not too dark to be uninteresting and it looks great in velvet.

Try these colors out for your self on instagram with #tfgbfall and we look forward to posting the picks on our instagram page.


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