"Fashion at the speed of life"

Most people do not come out for Mercedes Benz Feburary fashion week, but the winter looks truly dwarf the boring and monotone looks we saw during this Spring reveal. The looks seem to only inspire me to shop my closet since I am sure they are reminiscent of this past fall. I do follow trends for new ideas to add to my closet, but what is a girl to do when the same themes pop up year after year? The designers may blame manufactured brands, but the true cause of lack of sales is originality and the creation items easily produced for a lower price. Here is what we saw:



Odd pop culture prints at Libertine, sheers and sequin pairings at Pamela Rowland and embroidery everywhere. Unfortunately, the shapes remain the same and some added gimmicks for stage appeal. We loved Pamela Rowland’s feather treatment, but the cape like attachment seemed an afterthought.  We also frowned at the wedding dress finale, which was made from a load of cliche from ruffles to lace.



The “wear white after labor day ” has lost its rebellious feel now that we can wear it year round. After just seeing white looks in Feburary, they look oddly similar to the white looks of spring 2015. The sweaters at the spring shows did not help us distinguish between the two seasons.

the West

After being a trend for the past four seasons, Western style should now be a staple. Who does not have a fringe item in your closet? Jay Godfrey did it right when adding a luxurious feel with sequin, treated denim and leather accents, but the fact that his fall collection dwarfed his spring is still evident.

In any case, designers have lost thier competitive edge or maybe they can’t afford to be..


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