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Printed Moto Jackets



The Moto jacket is the go to piece for fall. However, you might find it difficult to add this rocker staple to other styles. So we created this guide to help you add this piece effectively to your wardrobe.


We loved the JUICY COUTURE  Navajo print that has the casual feel and the edgy moto style. When looking for a printed moto jacket, cotton and faux leather combinations for casual looks and neutral tones for a more classic outfit.

For Casual:  Printed moto jackets can be paired with jeans for a easy and fun look.

For Classic: Pencil skirts can make a printed moto jacket look more refined.


BCBG MAXMARIA boucle jacket gives plaid print a more refined look but the unfinished edges give it that punk edge. The idea here is to find a printed moto jacket in traditional prints, stud details and a mix of faux leather throughout to increase to the edge factor. Choose one that appears rough around the edges for a more punk feel.

For Rockers: Pair it with ripped or torn jeans and ankle boots.

For Punks: Pair with sneakers and printed pants. Don’t go plaid all over because it will be overwhelming.


Flowers and lace detail make for a great edgy/soft look.  REBECCA TAYLOR’s floral print detail adds a feminine look to the moto jacket and the faux leather plays down the edginess. Look for a feminine looking moto jacket, floral prints and lace detail as well as neutral faux leather colors to soften the edginess of the moto jacket.

Pair it with:  Full skirts increase the feminine feel, go short to be flirty and longer for work.


Animal prints and faux fur details on moto jackets add glam to the edginess. Finding moto jackets with fur detail is easy but animal print may be more difficult. Find fabrics with glitter thread accents and rhinestone detail.


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