"Fashion at the speed of life"

We all were looking for something new this fall but we ended up with hybrid silhouettes with corky names from blanket-igans to coat-igans. Are these new ideas are just a way to fool us into shopping? We wait it all here!

A coatigan is a coat and cardigan hybrid.

The Coat-igan

The coat-igan is a combination of a coat and a cardigan. The item is categorized by no buttons, is long like a coat but made of a soft jersey material like a cardigan. The coatigan is not for cold weather and it is mostly for causal or classic dressing. The coat-igan comes in mostly basic colors but can also come in prints. If you want to add it to your collection:

Rocker/Punk – think about punk prints from skulls and stars as well as stripes.
Romance/vintage – Lace accents are rare on coat-igans so choose pastel colors and coat-igans that resemble more of a coat with boxy shoulders
Glam – Plaid prints are a great pick for the timeless charm

Stay away from the robe coat hybrid because it can easy look like a bath robe.

The blanket-igan is a cross between a blanket and a cardigan and usually does not have sleeves.

The Blanket-igan

This mostly sleeve-less hybrid combines the easy wrap-around cozy appeal of a blanket with the casual cardigan. Prints are mostly Aztec in nature and because of its loose fit, I find that it is easy for bohemians (a form of casual dressing) to add it to their wardrobe. However, my punk writing partner has taken to wearing this style by adding kitschy sweaters and studded boots. Indeed, it may be the most flexible of the three combinations. However, be mindful of print and length in this style. Longer lengths are great for punk and rockers where shorter lengths are for romance/vintage types. Glam should stick to the length at the hip.

The robe coat traditionally comes with a belt.

The Robe Coat

Somehow, someone thought that a bath robe would look great as a coat but we find it the hardest of all hybrids to fit into any style. Mostly, this look is not body friendly.  The previous looks appeared last year and have just slowly dripped down to the general population (circa “the days of devil wears Prada”) but this look is totally new and may need a year as well to worm its way into our closets. Wear points:

For Classic – Wear it with a tailored men’s wear look like the model above.

For Casual – Stay away from baggy sweats and stick to skinny jeans.

For Romance/Vintage – Ditch the skirt for a form-fitting dress.

For rockers/punks-  Wear with leather for a more upscale look.

Glam – Add sequin elements.


This coat is not for plus size girls because it exaggerates the middle area while erasing all curves.  Hence, the need to accent them with the clothes you wear underneath it. Too much trouble? I thought so as well and  this look is one that won’t be in my closet!


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