"Fashion at the speed of life"

Need to know: Promtimes.co.uk


We usually do not pick a site for review but with such price-friendly dresses, we thought this site, known for prom dresses and custom tuxedos can do double duty as a go-to for event dressing.

Feature – colors


With about  30 colors for each design, there is an infinite amount of dresses to choose from at this site. We love that each color possibility is added in “swatches” on every page.

Feature – body conscious


For each size above 22W, an additional cost of 2.00 pounds is added to the price, making this on of the few sites that offer a body-friendly choice to every consumer.

For consumers with less standard sizing the site also offers tailoring for a fees. It takes from 3 to 14 days but worth it for the best fit.

Not sure of your standard size, check out the size chart.

Feature – On demand

All dresses are created on order so no worries about products that may have sat too long in the warehouse. Even though it takes up to 22 days for the garment to arrive, the quality is worth it. It is true we have “fast fashion” tendencies but this has “couture” quality.  In an hurry, skip tailoring and go for standard sizing.

Feature – all on one page


The website uses tabs to give you access to all information about  the website as well as other dresses you may love in one page !! Navigation is made easier and the look also makes the site mobile friendly.

So many choices and features, you must check out  http://www.promtimes.co.uk to get prices starting at 65 pounds in 30 colors.


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