"Fashion at the speed of life"

ENK at Pier 94 was full of Bohemian Accessories but every fringe as leather lining..

Bohemian (a look popular in the 70’s)  first came back in 2010 and was mostly composed of fringe clothing, wide leg pants and wide brim hats. It was a great way to add a classic look to the increasing lay-backed effortless style that has come the American staple. Flash forward to 2015 and Bohemian has been added to every style from Boho Classic to Bohemian Rocker in order to revamp the style that people just won’t let die. The 70’s trend is in full swing for the past 4 years and the trend continues into this year.  The ENK Accessories was full of Bohemian inspired jewelry with dainty chain, stones and round pendants. The trend even leaked into other accessories including straw handbags and  head wreaths as one vendor, who updated head wreaths with metal pieces, described as “uptown bohemian, with a more upscale vibe”. Oddly, every vendor cringed at the word but somehow based their entire line on it.

The Brands that Stood out



La based handbags crafted from acrylic sheets.

We loved these handmade acrylic clutches by Ashlyn’d that was loving filled  with sand or glitter or  with cheery smiley faces and hippy style flower child designs. The brand comes from Los Angeles and it seems that a most of the quirky and unique products held from that location. The brand only launched two and a half years ago. With price points from 390 to 550, they could fill the mid-priced handbag need for quirky bags (Champion is high end and Aldo had some at the lower end).



A New York brand that toggles between designer and manufacturer has been making jewelry since 1989 and seems to roll through the decades effortlessly. With exhibits in the MET and the Louvre but we should expect such longevity from a person who once created jewelry for Oscar De La Renta.


So we had two designers from both ends of the country that were able to break out of the Bohemian trend. In the next couple of blogs, we will highlight some products that broke the mold and probably did not have buyers say ” Chan Luu prices are so high, you have a similar aesthetic, what are your prices points?”




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