"Fashion at the speed of life"

We may all be going to see next winter’s trends this fashion week but most of the trends are already available for us to pick out the perfect outfits that fashion photographers would love to snap.

Today, we will focus on the color combinations you can wear to be a fashion star. Color themes are the easiest trends to get now.  Here are just a few colors you may see at the shows next week:

Blue Hues

Blue and gray combinations are great for classic and casual dressing. For an updated look for next season, look for geometric combinations of the hues or if wearing as separates keep dark colors on the bottom and lighter hues on top for a more futuristic look.


Purple gets Gothic with a combination of black  and drops of gray instead of white to lighten the hues. Because purple is used in more dense fabrics, it is perfect for rocker while brighter colors in purple will be perfect for punk. Purple plaids are a to push the trend into 2016.


Go Glam with red. The color is best in rich fabrics like velvet and suede. This color is great for glam dresses and for a richer experience pair with deep purple. Jumpsuits and dresses are perfect for this hue.


From blush to mauve, this romantic hue that was once a Spring only color has entered the fall 2015 and Winter 2016 season in light fabrics and soft sweaters. This color is perfect for romantic dressers. The clothes with this hue are treated with beaded elements for fall 2015/Winter 2016 and are perfect for fashion week.

Other hues to consider

Browns are a great neutral that are in vogue with brighter colors for a vintage look. The 60’s are in for Winter 2016 and by combining brown with bright colors i.e. the other colors mentioned you can recreate the 60’s look.


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