"Fashion at the speed of life"


A total of 38 looks graced the runway as Mara Hoffman presented a line with what could have been a series of competing silhouettes into a collection that flows seamlessly. The collection was a touch bohemian with a muted color scheme while incorpotating iconic greek/navajo patterns and kimono-ish styles. It worked because it was not trendy or specific to one girl.

Even though, Mara Hoffman made debut as a boho chic designer, she is moving away from it possibly because it has been in vogue so long. I admire a designer that wants a voice rather than a shot in the dark as trending styles can be defined. There was no fur but the coats went for warmth and comfort while still retaining a touch of drama.

There was no lux feel just simple everyday looks, versatility. Touches of gold were suprising against stalk white but not overwhelming.

We loved the black and white, triangles and muted colors. I am a color loving girl but a camel coat allows for a shocking reveal and I am ok with that concept. The main feel of thid collection, casual glam.


More images will be available on our instagram page at The Fashion Goddess Blog and stay tuned for straight from the runway reviews.

You can also view the video on our youtube page.


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