"Fashion at the speed of life"


For Fall 2015/winter 2016, Valvo went full glam lux with printed fur and gowns worth for the red carpet. With few looks for every day girls, his collection is not versatile nor for the girl next door. However, if you fantasize yourself a secret celebrity at heart then add his colorful fur coats to your collection.


The designer has few followers in social media but his front row was fulled of celebrities from Tim Gunn to Vanessa Williams (who came with her stylist possibly to make purchases straight from the runway).


The designer did add a little punk glam with sequin laced plaids in a multitude of silhouettes from dresses to skirts. Also, the black statin with beads read a touch goth.


What we really loved was that he included handbags which were oversized, triangular or hobo-ish with acrylic handles and in iconic black. They all had a slouchy relaxed vibe that was in direct juxaposition to the clothing. We knew that that was not an accident. A subtle way of adding everyday versatility to the collection. Did it work, only time will tell.


Valvo treated his mens wear like the women with beading, sequin and fur but somehow it works since the styles were tailored, embellishment strategically placed and the lines were broader (especially in the shoulders). There was no play on androgyous silhouettes that plague designer looks this past August which is always refreshing. Overall feel is glam rock or glam punk.

Check out more images on our instagram page and the end credits on our youtube channel.


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