"Fashion at the speed of life"

Hello readers! We are trying out a new category called Faux or Real which will highlight designer bags that have been constantly counterfeited and if their knock off design can even compete with the real one. I am starting off with Furla ‘ Candy bag which I received recently for my birthday and had no idea the ones I see everyone toting around wasn’t the real thing!

Furla- Though the bag is made of plastic like it’s counterfeit; the plastic is very thick and not sticky and has seams that has been heat sealed. The bag comes with a gold Furla engraved padlock that locks the bag closed. There is also a “Furla Candy” hang tag and the bag also has “made in Italy” and Furla printed on it.

The bag is made from thin sticky plastic and though it has the same shape and a padlock; the padlock
doesn’t lock the bag closed. This company decided to hang charms from their bag.

I say save up and spend the $248 for the real thing and leave the $29.99-$90 Counterfeits alone as they will more then likely break and you will have to replace them. The quality is totally worth it and you support a small luxury brand.



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