"Fashion at the speed of life"


We all love the dadbod movement but we can not help but notice actors like Seth Rogan (“dadbod” pioneer) playing opposite a thin woman who somehow bore three kids and still looks like she stepped off the pages of playboy magazine. Or did she outsource her pregnancy to him? I mean look at his wife!

The “mombod” composed of muffin top or small tummy, thick thighs and droopy breast has never gotten any love. Women are forced into spanxs, and pushup bras so why shouldn’t men have the same ordeal?Are we really a double standard community where we approve of men being lazy and shun women for having children?

I am a single, non off-spring producing female who would get and has gotten beef for hating the gym. I assure you a “dadbod” male would not get caught with a “mombod” girl who hasn’t had kids. I mean look at Seth Rogan’s wife…


In case you do not feel like scrolling up again. I am just saying if I appreciate “dadbod”, will he in turn appreciate me?

Weight in below and let us know!!!


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