"Fashion at the speed of life"

Style file: Boho Romo


Bohemian Romance has slowly creeped into the our minds with the slow addition of lace and flowing dresses we have seen from such designers like Rachel Zoe, Rebecca Taylor and others. The look adds elegance to the carefree spiritualism of bohemian fashion.



Most clothes of this style has flowing sleeves, crochet detail, lace and bold floral prints. The design always flows and there is nothing tight or figure grabbing. No spandex or polyester blends here.



Sandals are a must and the strap kind not slingbacks. A little heel is fine. They should be earthy tones and not bright colors. Jewelry is simple chain and cord combinations similar to bohemian styles seen in every store. Satchels are the preferred bag shape but totes can also be used.



Braids are a must-have to complete the look. The messier the braid the better to fit into the carefree lifestyle.  Floral hairpieces are bolder; going beyond the flower reef we know as a bohemian staple. 

Let us see your bohemian romance looks on Instagram with #bohoromo and we will pick the best ones to feature on our new blog url, thefashiongoddessnyc.com.


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