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We Have Moved!!!

Please if you haven’t already bookmark our new blog home which has faster loading and better graphics! http://www.thefashiongoddessnyc.com and we will keep this blog up for archives. Also please follow us on instagram: thefashiongoddessblog and on twitter: @fashiongoddess4  thank you!!


Check Out Our New Web Address!!

Hello my lovely readers!!

Please don’t forget about us as we are still here typing away on our jewel encrusted labtops! We have a new address so we can bring you better content, faster loading and a cleaner layout. This site will remain active for archives but please visit us at our new home


We Have Moved!!!

The Fashion Goddess Blog has a chic new home!! Same great content but better design and faster loading. Please visit us at http://www.thefashiongoddessnyc.com We are working on subscription button so please bare with us and come on over! We still post mondays, Wednesdays and fridays!

Fashion Goddess Gets A New Home!!

Hello my lovely readers! We will be buzzing around the busy bees that we are; putting the finishing touches on our new blog Web address! We have grown over the years and though we are so glad we originally started with wordpress we realized we now need more freedom and will be offering add space and looking for sponsors for giveaways!

Our new website address is http://www.thefashiongoddessnyc.com

We will announce it’s official launch next week! In the meantime please read our informative and fun archives!

Charming Charlie finding another location?


We reported last week that Charming Charlie, a mega accessories store located mainly in the South and Midwest, was no longer opening their NY flagship store after we noticed the pink wrapper was removed from the store front. Oddly, two days ago, @charm_charlie  (the instagram handle for Charming Charlie) announced a   contest to win a shopping spree in June and July at their “5th ave” flagship store.  We also stated another smaller store on the next block was being renovated. There are no coincidences. Evidently, they switched to a smaller store and pushed the opening 2 to 3 months. Stay tuned for pics of the possible store location in our instagram account – thefashiongoddessblog.

Update: In response to my twitter post, Charming Charlie has given a store open date of May 26. Location still unknown.

Charming Charlie pulls out of NY


Walking past the location of Charming Charlie that failed to open last month, I noticed the cardboard we all know that hides construction ugliness stripped of the signature pink that was announcing the opening of the store. The store was heralded as an accessories mecca with three stories of jewelry, bags, hair pieces, clothes and a showroom. A wall of Tvs was going to face the street to advertise the store, supposedly vying for the attention of pedestrians and halting traffic, is all being dismantled before my eyes. Garbage trucks line the street and workers clear out debris while eyeballing passerbys dearing us to ask, why?


So why did “Charming Charlie” pull out of its only flagship in the city while yet another H&M opens in Herald Square? The most probable cause is too expensive and too much hype. Screens, three stories and a showroom was too highly ambitious for a store use to small spaces and modest stairs to a slightly raised second level, not to mention the inventory. “Charming Charlie” is famous for limited supply and that just would not fly in the big apple.
  Or maybe competition. It’s steep with 2.99 and 2.00 jewelry stores all around the city and 5 dollar handbags in Chelsea and the design district not to mention clothes big box stores like H&M, Forever21, and Macy’s as well as 5th Ave staples from Ellie Tahara to Vince Camuto.

In any rate, I guess we have to look forward to another H&M in Herald Square opening May 30.

If anyone knows anything about Charming Charlie drop us an email.

Breaking news: Smaller corner store is being renovated – new Charming Charlie location?

Should customer behavior effect how brands treat you?


America has been dubbed the land of the sale and brands across the pond are starting to treat American shoppers as a way to get rid of what will not sale in their  own countries. Is it right for brands to sell select items to US customers, poorly stock their US urls and sell items no European wants to us at deep discounts? (Maybe the last part isn’t so bad?)

Website follies

If you do shop online, websites can be a mirror to what brands conceive about you as a shopper. Brands seem to be loyal to their origin country but shouldn’t all customer be treated equal?  My sister and I are fan of several Europen brands including Irregular Choice, Iron Fist and most recently French Connection. These brands all treat US customers differently!!

Iron Fist rarely stocks their US url but European shoppers always have a stocked url. French Connection offers sale items only on their US site (outlet is just for accessories on UK site) while Irregular Choice offers deeper discounts to European shoppers even when converted to US dollars.

All these antics have made us weary of online shopping and we are not alone.

The problem it creates

My sister is constantly ordering from Iron fist but has yet to actually receive an item from the website. Other sites that sell the brand have the same issue. An order from Hot Topic still did not include the pair of shoes she ordered. So now, third party sites are offering the brand at higher prices then listed on affliate and the original site. Customers now have to pay more to get items they want and sometimes these items can be knock offs.

Shoppers are hating the online experience

Memes of shopping online have surfaced as shoppers are flocking back to brick and mortar stores. So sites that offer emerging designers a place to sale may have to create a brick and motar store to entice shoppers to shop online.

So what can online stores do to get you to shop? Let us know, comment below!!!