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Style file: Boho Romo


Bohemian Romance has slowly creeped into the our minds with the slow addition of lace and flowing dresses we have seen from such designers like Rachel Zoe, Rebecca Taylor and others. The look adds elegance to the carefree spiritualism of bohemian fashion.



Most clothes of this style has flowing sleeves, crochet detail, lace and bold floral prints. The design always flows and there is nothing tight or figure grabbing. No spandex or polyester blends here.



Sandals are a must and the strap kind not slingbacks. A little heel is fine. They should be earthy tones and not bright colors. Jewelry is simple chain and cord combinations similar to bohemian styles seen in every store. Satchels are the preferred bag shape but totes can also be used.



Braids are a must-have to complete the look. The messier the braid the better to fit into the carefree lifestyle.  Floral hairpieces are bolder; going beyond the flower reef we know as a bohemian staple. 

Let us see your bohemian romance looks on Instagram with #bohoromo and we will pick the best ones to feature on our new blog url, thefashiongoddessnyc.com.


Style file: Urban Classic


We love to highlight styles we have seen every day and yet have not read any columns about it. It is sold at stores like GUESS and BeBe and worn by celebrities including Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce.

Urban Classic has become its own breathing animal with focus on slick bottoms and loose fit tops all in a tandem of neutrals from light pastels to army green and the ever classic neutrals of black, white, grey and navy blue.

Sometimes called “urban cool”, new designers like Alexander Wang have brought it from the mid price arena and have driven towards possibly being a style staple here to stay.

Get the Look

Pair neutrals in different color schemes on top where an army green jacket and a pink blouse compete for attention.

Keep the bottom slick and fitted. Jeans are a staple for this style. Although, any tapered pant will do.

Shoes are always negotiated. Think sneakers, loafers and sandals for a relaxing day. Boots are for dressing up on dates. Heels are worn to glam up the outfit ( celebs and bloggers). Most people wear flats because of mobility (yes they walk).


Makeup are earthy tones with focus on contouring upper eyelids and lengthing eyelashes. Shimmering browns are part of the everyday glam look but used as contour only.

Haute Holiday Fashion 2014:Part 2: Shoes

Hello again readers! We continue our guide with shoes which is just as important in making your look cohesive! this season glitz had spread down to the shoes;sequins, glitter and rhinestones embellish everything! If you are someone who likes classic black dresses you can use your feet to make the statement for you! You don’t only have to wear skyscraper heels either; flats and kitten heels are just as chic and you won’t have to worry about your tooties at the end of your long holiday nights! All of my shoe picks are under $50!

Haute Holiday Shoes

Haute Holiday Fashion 2014: Part 1: Dresses

It’s finally that time of year readers for the holidays!! What better way to celebrate then to get yourself some new outfits for all the parties and gatherings you need to attend so I will spend this week on all your holiday fashion needs! First up is my personal fav; dresses! This season it’s once again all about the embellishments and sequins are a big trend! The new fit and flare style (in which the bodice is fitted and the skirt flares out) are perfect for all shapes and you can’t go wrong with a sexy body con dress as long as its not too short! All my picks are under $100!

Haute holiday dresses

Curvy Chic Layering Fall 2014

Curvy Chic Layering Fall 2014

Goth gets more girly with Pastel Goth

can pastels survive in goth?

courtesy of 24.media.tumblr.com

The Urban dictionary defines Pastel Goth as:

Pastel goth, sometimes referred to as soft grunge or nu goth, is a new trend where girls (usually on Tumblr) will dye their hair pastel colours, wear clothes promoting satanic sub culture (666, inverted crosses, etc) they also wear creepers and jc litas.

The latest trend in Goth has Americans pairing pastels with dark hues and menacing sayings and quotes. The idea is pairing pop culture occult like vampires, eyeballs and spikes (not satanic at all urban dictionary) with pastel hair, cute hair accessories and light hues. So can we be cute and terrifying at the same time?

When Kawaii meets Goth, we can’t help to love the look. If you always have been edgy but want to embrace some of the romantic looks on the runway now then this is right up your alley.

Some outfits to try out for pastel punk

courtesy of weheartit.com

The above are just some looks for pastel punk. The top are usually where the cute parts comes in (think prints like cats) as well as the Kawaii accessories (don’t over it – just add small details). The bottom are patterened leggings, dark pleated skirts and or ruffles. One part of your outfit has to be dark (black or grey or a pattern that includes black). Creepers are a necessary. You may want to color your hair pastel but it is not necessary (wear a wig if you want to see how it looks before committing to a color).

Hair pieces are necessary with a range from creepy to cute (eyeball bows to spiked floral headbands). Try it out and post your successes (or attempts) to our facebook page (Thefashiongoddessblog).

New fashion style spotlight: Diesel Punk

courtesy of images.wikia.com – Cast of Superman


After the success of our Norm core, we are dedicated this week to highlight several different styles that you may not know about but should. Since my twin is punk at heart, I decided that this week will be devoted to new Punk styles that seem to be coming to light.

According to the dailydot.com:

Like the other historically based aesthetic sci-fi movements, dieselpunk strives to alter something fundamental about what we know and understand of history. Whether it’s by advancing technology, infusing the universes with magic and the occult, inventing fantastical weaponry, or bringing 20th-century aesthetics forward into the future, dieselpunk is about amalgamation.


So what is diesel punk? Diesel punk is actually a paired down form of Steampunk so it found it’s roots in cosplay (costume play). Unlike steampunk which gets most of its styles from the 1920 with a futuristic edge; diesel punk is set in the 1940’s but does not add so much futuristic themes. In fact, we are seeing the trend on the runway with an emaphasis on layering, 1940’s love of fur, leather detail and glossy boots.

courtesy of 3.bp.blogspot.com

Since now happens to be the future of the 1940’s, it works. It is amazing how a costume based style has become so mainstreamed but with movies like “Captain America” and “Superman” (1920’s to 1960 settings); it is no wonder we have the past on our minds. So here are some tips on dressing diesel punk.

For Men:

It is all about neutral basics but unlike Norm core – The pants are suit pants and the coat has to be leather or fur. Scarfs and gloves are a necessary add-on. Shoes should always be boots. Dusters are optional but welcome.

For women:

Patterned pencil skirts with pleated tops or loose blouse. A sculptured blazer, and a circle skirt. A tie is a nice detail. Wear socks with sandals or kitten heels to complete the look.

Experiment to get your best look.