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Summer Trend 2015:Updated Sport Slide Sandals

I wasn’t too sure I would like this new trend as I always think of Sport Slide sandals as bulky and unflattering and something only skate guys or jocks wear; so when Victorias Secret Pink gave away a pair with a $50 I jumped at the chance to try their updated version, (which is a sleeker slightly wider version in pops of color with “PINK” written across the front) It was love at first sight;  and now I am obsessed as they look so cute thrown on with skinny jeans and a tee or even with a jersey maxi skirt! Now I am seeing more feminine versions everywhere so here are my picks!


1.MICHAEL Michael Kors MK Sport Slide Sandals $49 neimanmarcus.com
2. YRU Hell Yeah Slide Sandals $88 nastygal.com
3. Hunter Slide Sandals $80 urbanoutfitters.com
4. Nike Benassi JDI Print Sandals $30


Summer 2015 Trend:Boho Backpacks!

I was soo excited when I walked into Macy’s and feast my eyes on a gorgeous Linen backpack (that I thought was straw) from Lucky Brand that I quickly snapped it up and now use it almost everyday! I was so happy to see another style that can be used for Summer and all your Boho styles besides the ever popular straw tote! These backpacks make you feel like your traveling through some exotic local and they are roomy and go with anything! So I scoured the Internet to find others in raffia and straw materials as well.. enjoy the #bagporn !!


1.Topshop Aloha Backpack $48 nordstrom.com
2. DKNY Raffia Backpack $66.99 dkny.com
3. Lucky Brand Kendal Linen Medium Backpack $108 macys.com (have this!)
4. Hat Attack Crochet Raffia Backpack $120 amazon.com

Get It For Less:Summer 2015 Trend:Statement Earrings

What better way then to glitz up your Chic Summer wardrobe then with everyone’s favorite accessory? Earrings are the easiest jewelry to wear cuz they are impossible to get wrong and won’t clash with your outfit. Statement earrings are a great way to add sparkle and will dress up anything you plan on wearing this Summer! All my pics are under $30!!


1.shamelesslysparkly.com $14.90 (the earrings on this site are gorg and super cheap!)
2.wallisfashion.com $9
3.nastygal.com $7.50
4.saksoff5th.com $21 House Of Harlow
5.betseyjohnson.com $26.99 (most of the site is an extra 30% off with code FRIEND)

Will “Mombod” catch on too?


We all love the dadbod movement but we can not help but notice actors like Seth Rogan (“dadbod” pioneer) playing opposite a thin woman who somehow bore three kids and still looks like she stepped off the pages of playboy magazine. Or did she outsource her pregnancy to him? I mean look at his wife!

The “mombod” composed of muffin top or small tummy, thick thighs and droopy breast has never gotten any love. Women are forced into spanxs, and pushup bras so why shouldn’t men have the same ordeal?Are we really a double standard community where we approve of men being lazy and shun women for having children?

I am a single, non off-spring producing female who would get and has gotten beef for hating the gym. I assure you a “dadbod” male would not get caught with a “mombod” girl who hasn’t had kids. I mean look at Seth Rogan’s wife…


In case you do not feel like scrolling up again. I am just saying if I appreciate “dadbod”, will he in turn appreciate me?

Weight in below and let us know!!!

The Spring 2015 Pants Guide

It’s spring finally (even though snow is still coming some Northern states) and there are so many trends we decided to break it down by article of clothes. Today, we are all about the pant. Hard to find in the winter but somehow , like flowers in the spring, they are now everywhere. As usually we will pinpoint the best style and dress for each pant and recommend some pairing ideas.


Cropped Pants

These pants are come to above the ankle and are great in creating length for those with short legs. There is not good for pear-shaped body frames.

For: classic dressers, reverse pear shape and casual dressers.

Best with: blouse, t-shirts, heels.

Worst with: crop tops.


flared pants

Not like the 70’s these pants flare is less severe so that they remain wide at the thigh giving the leg an even tone and shape.

For classic and vintage dressers and rockers who love Ziggy stardust.

Great for Apple and Square shape because it creates length and enhances the shape.

Pair with: cigar blazers, tanks, slim fit tops, cutout highlights and lace.


These hybrid between shorts and pants are my favorite silhouette because it works for all styles of dress depending on what it is paired.

Not suitable for square and apple shapes without use of a belt.

Pair with the staples of your dress style.

Wear Candy Colors!!

Wear Candy Colors!!

I am so happy to see pastel colors back in for Spring!! I can pull out all my yummy candy colors! My set includes sporty, classic and romantic outfits! All pieces are under $90!

Go buggy for Jewelry this Spring


Bugs are back for Spring 2015,  in different shapes and designs. From beatles to scarabs in enameled colors and metal toned. What are the best bug jewelry for your style?



Scarab jewelry looks can be colorful and unique. Gold and stone finishes have the look of the 1970’s. Large stone  scarabs are great for more upscale dressing. Smaller scarabs are great for paired down looks.



Bees are great because yellow and black are neutral colors. They also add a polish look to any clothes. Stay away from enamel pieces for a more demure look.



Flies have always been a part of the alternative scene. Spiders are another alternative if flies are difficult to find. Neon wings are flies give a great punk feel.



Butterflies are a very common bug that seems to always be in style. They are everywhere in nature and represent a natural flow.



Dragonflies are always over the top in life and in jewelry. It will be easy to find your style.