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Will “Mombod” catch on too?


We all love the dadbod movement but we can not help but notice actors like Seth Rogan (“dadbod” pioneer) playing opposite a thin woman who somehow bore three kids and still looks like she stepped off the pages of playboy magazine. Or did she outsource her pregnancy to him? I mean look at his wife!

The “mombod” composed of muffin top or small tummy, thick thighs and droopy breast has never gotten any love. Women are forced into spanxs, and pushup bras so why shouldn’t men have the same ordeal?Are we really a double standard community where we approve of men being lazy and shun women for having children?

I am a single, non off-spring producing female who would get and has gotten beef for hating the gym. I assure you a “dadbod” male would not get caught with a “mombod” girl who hasn’t had kids. I mean look at Seth Rogan’s wife…


In case you do not feel like scrolling up again. I am just saying if I appreciate “dadbod”, will he in turn appreciate me?

Weight in below and let us know!!!


Short hair don’t care

At the Alternacare event this past week, I asked what the lastest trends in hair was and he said simply “short. Celebrities are going really short these days and trends are mostly about color”. As a person with short hair, I rejoiced but if you are not getting a pixie what styles can you incorporate this spring?

The bun


The back knot is easy to incorporate and streaks of colors are optional. Hair chalk can be used if you want to completely create this look. For a more exact bun, there are bun forms that can be used. Simply twist your hair, fold in half and twist. Gray accents here can be replaced by the new fall color pastel blue or the spring color pink.

The fringe


Bangs are longer for Spring and can go swept to the side for a change. The easy way to create this look is to go to stylist for a simple bang and blowdry. Frizz adds body to hair and is more acceptable this spring. For a more updated bang look, go for a beach hair look by scrouching you locks with salted water and let dry.

Spring color report


Spring color themes are varied but we were surprised to see ombre come back this spring. A new twist on the trend is using pastel color at the end instead of blonde colors. Pink is posed to be the color for Spring and my sister blogger is wearing it right now.  Red is always my summer go to color (I wear black in the fall).

Fashion New Years Resolutions

The end of the year is near so we are cooking up some new years resolutions so we can all be fashionable. Since fashion isn’t just about clothes, our fashion resolution spans beauty, clothes and accessories. Let start with some beauty resolutions.

1. Pop of color – lipstick

Red is not the only lip color in style anymore. Mix it up with darker hues for fair skin (like ox blood or plum), bright hues for dark skin (orange and fuschia) and for those in between try neutral colors, red and pinks.

2. The 90’s were back…

Blush is back to being paired with a clean complexion.  It is best to use with netural hues again. Also try blush close to your skin tone for a more natural contour,

3. Try the side swept midi bang

I have been rocking the midi bang for years and now it is finally in vogue. 

4. Try eyeliner in loo of eyeshadow


With the wing tip look in trend all last year, eyeliner is having a moment. The new trend of floating eyeliner means you can experiment with color.

5. Go nude – wear just foundation

A flawless look can be achieved without the excess of eyeshadow, lipstick or blush. Go without the extras during the day and add on at night.

So, that’s our top beauty resolutions for 2014.

Makeup trends for Halloween

It’s that time again to shed fashion for novelty, Halloween. However, the fashionista in me is screaming, “add some trendy element to your costume” and “be more innovative then a sexy (insert character here)”. Of course, our wallets are tight in what seems to be no longer a recession but a way of life for Americans, we need to live more affordable which means expensive costumes are just out of the question. So this month we are going to post Halloween related blogs every Wednesday starting with makeup, then clothes, then hair and finally nails to compete your look based on three iconic characters, Cleopatra, The bride of Frankenstein, and Tink-a-belle (or a fairy in general).

Floating eyeliner

Egypt invented eyeliner and mascara so using this trend to create a perfect Cleopatra is ideal. It was difficult to find a tutorial on recreating the look that graced the runway of Rag & Bone so we are creating a tutorial here:

  1. Apply foundation to the lids.
  2. Apply primer.
  3. Here is the tricky part, make sure to follow the arch of your eyes (not your eyebrow) and avoid the crease of your eye.

Stick to black for this look but you can use any color (or stick to season colors of blue, and green) in everyday use.

Winged Eyeliner

It is clear that eyeliner is the star of this season and also the perfect way to create a fairy eye. I actually found a video tutorial for this look:

Pair this look with the neutral skin fall trend and add a creme shimmer for a dewy effect.

Strong eyes

A smoky eye is usually the way most people reproduce a bride of Frankenstein look but we wanted something more trendy (and less overplayed). Plus, the under-eye shadow can add a hollow look that smoky eye can’t do (and if you tried, it would look like Raccoon eyes). Adding red eyeshadow instead of brown may create a more dramatic effect. The video tutorial adds red lips which is a no-no this season but we are going for costume and it will make the bride more sexy.

I hope you liked the first installment of our special Halloween as fashion. Stay tuned for our next installment on October 16th, clothing trends to go with it.

Fall 2013 beauty trend: Makeup

This fall makeup trends are alot more relaxed with a focus on a more natural look I.e. minimalism.  This makeup trends seem to caused by the extravagance of fall clothes and the diminutive size of fall handbags. The simplicity of applying these trends are the reason we choose them. So sit back and try these makeup trends.


Dewdrop glow

The most important aspect to this trend is foundation and a day cream. Add a drop of shimmering sunscreen or bronzer (for dark skin) to foundation to get the dewy glow. If you want to add glow to your eyelids, simply blend pearly white or bronzer. Do not add lipstick or eyeshadow.  Of course, this look calls for smooth skin so exfoliating is a must. It may be best for casual styles but anyone can do it.


Eyeliner only

Also known as “invisible eyeshadow”, this trend just includes eyeliner in basic colors, black, blue and dark green. The placement can be anywhere from upper lids, sides or around the entire eye, making it easy for any style to duplicate.


Dramatic lips

As we witnessed this trend from last fall, we love the return of the red lips. However, we appreciate that the new lip trend incorporates pinks, browns and oranges. Once again foundation is key, make sure it matches your skin tone. For darker skin, don’t be afraid to mix foundations or splurge for higher end lines that have many more shades to choose from. Stores like sephora carry more brands while ulta carries more colors.

Expired Beauty trends: Say goodbye to these trends

Strange that in this recession, we somehow got more obsessed with one of the most costly (and time consuming) trend: beauty. From hair to nails, these trends are on the way out…

Goodbye Ombre for more solid color hair looks!


Say goodbye to ombre hair. The style has recently gone global which means that we no longer remain a head of the hair trend (pun intended).  We are going back to basics with brown and darker colors returning to the mainstream. Of course, we still like the cool color trends as blue, pink and other unnatural colors remain an interesting change to routine.

large additions to your nails are out – stick to painted shapes.


Adding large nail art to your nails are totally out.  Something can be said about creativity when you use just nail polish to make a statement.

Too dramatic eyes are so out… Simple liner looks are staples for fall.

Eye makeup

Okay, our picture is way too exaggerated but you got the point. Eye makeup has returned to monotone hues when working with eye shadow as well as minimal looks with just eyeliner. Smoky eye in colors other than black are prevalent this fall as well as a look called the floating eye which deals with adding eyeliner on the eyelid.


Get sunkissed this summer

This summer is filled with tans (natural or not), bikinis, events and effortless hair so when we received these items complimentary for testing purposes via Influenster, we had to admit that the box put summer in a box. We looked through the product and tested it all right here!

Dr Scholl’s for her

At 10.99, it is a little pricy but worth it.

The summer in Miami features the hottest events especially Mercedes Benz Fashion week that hits Miami Beach during the height of summer, July. The dress code may be relaxed and cool but the shoes are all about high heels.

So when we pulled out Dr. Scholl’s for her high heel, we were skeptical because past insoles always stuck to our feet because they just didn’t breathe and the clear plastic was like stepping on plastic bags. EWWWWWW!! However, these insoles felt soft like gel and the focus on the heel added extra cover where it was need most.

The insoles are a little pricey but the amount of usage should make up for the cost plus you won’t have to carry those un-sexy slip on shoes to change into when your feet starts aching.

SinfulSunshine with Gel Tech

Sinful sunshine nail polish is a lot of work with a small price.

This nail polish is priced right but falls flat. The promise of shine is not there. The color comes off matte and the texture is chalky. The nail polish also needs a lot of drying time. We suspect in order to get the shine, you may have to layer the polish at least three times which isn’t very convenient for the working girl (moms included).  Of course, we haven’t got a chance to try the lasting power.

Goody Ouchless Ribbon Elastics

Goody’s got it – great for ponytail styles.

These ribbon elastics are great for pony tail and braid styles that are so hot during the summer. The elastics are  easy in and easy out with no hair breakage like rubber bands or bobby pins. It also won’t slip like the scrunchie.

We couldn’t try the olay fresh effects because the color is too light for us and the most important thing about tinted moisture with SPF is to wear it outside.

Thanks Influenster for the box….