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The duo sleeve jackets


Designers are trying to create new silhouettes from mainstream looks like our previous post on coat hybrids. Recently, we saw a new sleeve combination of wide short sleeve and long fitted sleeve called the dual sleeve effect.


We saw some combinations of a baggy short sleeve and a fitted long sleeve in the same jacket at Elie Tahari that looked so causal (not image above).


How to wear

If you love clean lines (casual/classic) the go for a dual sleeve with length like the one on top or a sleek combo of long and short. For romance/vintage, go for the wide lengths like the mint green above and pair with a pencil or flair skirt. For punk/rock, styles choose combo material as well as lengths (the top picture has faux leather and cotton sleeves) and pair with jeans.


Haute Holiday Fashion 2014:Part 2: Shoes

Hello again readers! We continue our guide with shoes which is just as important in making your look cohesive! this season glitz had spread down to the shoes;sequins, glitter and rhinestones embellish everything! If you are someone who likes classic black dresses you can use your feet to make the statement for you! You don’t only have to wear skyscraper heels either; flats and kitten heels are just as chic and you won’t have to worry about your tooties at the end of your long holiday nights! All of my shoe picks are under $50!

Haute Holiday Shoes

Haute Holiday Fashion 2014: Part 1: Dresses

It’s finally that time of year readers for the holidays!! What better way to celebrate then to get yourself some new outfits for all the parties and gatherings you need to attend so I will spend this week on all your holiday fashion needs! First up is my personal fav; dresses! This season it’s once again all about the embellishments and sequins are a big trend! The new fit and flare style (in which the bodice is fitted and the skirt flares out) are perfect for all shapes and you can’t go wrong with a sexy body con dress as long as its not too short! All my picks are under $100!

Haute holiday dresses

Last years trends to wear this fall

Sweaters in every style


Trends haven’t really rotated from year to year and some people may say that simple differences can date the look but in reality, it is just an excuse for you to shop for new items. Splurge on the basics based on your style but these soon to be staples are most likely already there.

Basics for every style

ROMANCE/VINTAGE – Crochet sweaters and lace accent sweaters

ROCKER/PUNK – leather-like and studs accents; bright colors for punks w/ catchy sayings

CLASSIC/CASUAL – Turtlenecks

GLAM – Sequin accent sweaters

The difference is really more to fit then with design as is shown in the diagram above. There are also a lot of crop sweaters as a throwback from this summer’s style of crop tees. These looks are great to layer but do not wear alone.

Last Minute Costumes from your closet

Its Halloween week and it’s time for our closet costume instructions for a simple costume. Past costumes were teddy bears and fairies. This year, we picked three looks off the runway. This will be in three parts the costume, the makeup and the hair.

The bat

The capelet is the piece of the season and is a simple bat costume. Take it further by wearing a black long fitted dress and becoming a vampire once you take off capelet. From bat to vampire, tres chic!

The bandita

Navajo print blanket cardigans are an easy outerwear this season. Pair it with jeans, boots and belt it for a bandita costume. Add a seasonal hat with a wide brim to finish the look.

The Monster

With so many faux fur jackets do you have in your closet and in bright colors this season, you could easily pair them with those monster gloves. Add horns from any costume store to elaborate the look.

Shift Dress For Every Style

Shift dresses in every style


The shift dress is the one of the new silhouettes for fall. It is not new by all means but nothing in fashion ever is truly new. The New Look of today was the new look of yesterday. In any case, the shift dress has such a finite shape it may be the hardest dress to incorporate into your wardrobe. Look for these staples to create a shape more fit for your style:


Other than sticking with cliché prints like plaids, stripes and skulls, try a shift with a longer hemline that fits at the waist and drops straight down. Try scoop neck or collar detail and faux leather accents for a more edgy feel. For punk dresses, find an A-line shift dress in bright neutrals (i.e. cobalt blue, oxblood, or gray).

Pair it up:

Rocker: Pair a basic A-line shift with a printed moto jacket to full trendy. For a more true to you style, wear a bomber or utility jacket and a pair of ankle hitting boots.

Punk: Wear scarf for a retro vibe and wear printed stockings. Wool skull cap is am most. Pair it with sneakers.


A lace shift dress would be perfect but for a true romantic or vintage look, go for a high neck line, square shoulders and flair at the waist fit. Go for soft pastels instead of cliché lace detail ( even though you secretly want one) and add scarf around the waist to add a touch of feminine.

Romance : Pair with a cardigan and sandals. For a cold weather look, wear ankle boots. Add a scarf around the neck.

Vintage: Wear a thin belt around the waist like the 70’s and pair with knee high go-go boots that are so in style right now.


Soft knit and jersey fabrics can make  a shift dress fit to wear every day for casual dressers. For classic dresses, look for a shift dress with a pencil skirt fit on the bottom to show off curves.

Classic: Pair with nude tights, pumps and an infinity scarf in a neutral color. Add bracelets and a blazer to dress up.

Casual: Add a jean jacket and sneakers for a comfortable look.


Brocade, embroidery detail and jewels are all the things you need to make a shift dress right for you. Pair it with heels and faux fur vest to add more glam appeal.


Patterned Moto jackets for every style

Printed Moto Jackets



The Moto jacket is the go to piece for fall. However, you might find it difficult to add this rocker staple to other styles. So we created this guide to help you add this piece effectively to your wardrobe.


We loved the JUICY COUTURE  Navajo print that has the casual feel and the edgy moto style. When looking for a printed moto jacket, cotton and faux leather combinations for casual looks and neutral tones for a more classic outfit.

For Casual:  Printed moto jackets can be paired with jeans for a easy and fun look.

For Classic: Pencil skirts can make a printed moto jacket look more refined.


BCBG MAXMARIA boucle jacket gives plaid print a more refined look but the unfinished edges give it that punk edge. The idea here is to find a printed moto jacket in traditional prints, stud details and a mix of faux leather throughout to increase to the edge factor. Choose one that appears rough around the edges for a more punk feel.

For Rockers: Pair it with ripped or torn jeans and ankle boots.

For Punks: Pair with sneakers and printed pants. Don’t go plaid all over because it will be overwhelming.


Flowers and lace detail make for a great edgy/soft look.  REBECCA TAYLOR’s floral print detail adds a feminine look to the moto jacket and the faux leather plays down the edginess. Look for a feminine looking moto jacket, floral prints and lace detail as well as neutral faux leather colors to soften the edginess of the moto jacket.

Pair it with:  Full skirts increase the feminine feel, go short to be flirty and longer for work.


Animal prints and faux fur details on moto jackets add glam to the edginess. Finding moto jackets with fur detail is easy but animal print may be more difficult. Find fabrics with glitter thread accents and rhinestone detail.