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The Spring 2015 Pants Guide

It’s spring finally (even though snow is still coming some Northern states) and there are so many trends we decided to break it down by article of clothes. Today, we are all about the pant. Hard to find in the winter but somehow , like flowers in the spring, they are now everywhere. As usually we will pinpoint the best style and dress for each pant and recommend some pairing ideas.


Cropped Pants

These pants are come to above the ankle and are great in creating length for those with short legs. There is not good for pear-shaped body frames.

For: classic dressers, reverse pear shape and casual dressers.

Best with: blouse, t-shirts, heels.

Worst with: crop tops.


flared pants

Not like the 70’s these pants flare is less severe so that they remain wide at the thigh giving the leg an even tone and shape.

For classic and vintage dressers and rockers who love Ziggy stardust.

Great for Apple and Square shape because it creates length and enhances the shape.

Pair with: cigar blazers, tanks, slim fit tops, cutout highlights and lace.


These hybrid between shorts and pants are my favorite silhouette because it works for all styles of dress depending on what it is paired.

Not suitable for square and apple shapes without use of a belt.

Pair with the staples of your dress style.

Wear Candy Colors!!

Wear Candy Colors!!

I am so happy to see pastel colors back in for Spring!! I can pull out all my yummy candy colors! My set includes sporty, classic and romantic outfits! All pieces are under $90!

Get It For Less:Boho Essentials:Fringed Kimono/Shawl

This is my favorite part of the Boho trend! For Spring 2015 I have stocked up on Aztec and floral patterns and in different lengths. The kimono can be worn over just about anything and the shawl looks best when pairs with pants. I have included a picture of me rocking the boho trend as well as my picks all under $30



Get It For Less:Boho Essentials:Floppy Hat

This Spring Boho is once again making a huge comeback! Nothing says boho quite like a good floppy hat but for 2015 why not go for a wider brim and more structured hat. It elevates the boho trend and makes everything look way more chic! Here are my picks and they are all under $30!


Jay Godfrey goes West for Spring


Jay Godfrey gave an impressive installation based on lux Western styles amplified with lace, quilting and the oh so familiarity of fringe.
  We love the concept described in the program:

The electric west draws from the influences of late 60’s and early rock and rollers who infused country and western tones…

We felt the rock and roll vibe with the one woman band who played the drums and the guitar at one point at the same time. Haystacks and barrels completed the look. Godfrey’s first venture into denim was too similar to GUESS but his combination of lace and fringe was what stole the show.


Sequin played a role in the collection. From full sequins gowns to suit, but they seemed out of place in the wild west.


All in all, we love Godfrey in the fall, but his spring collection only had a few gold nuggets. At least, he made the west more fashionable.