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Spring trend: Pastels – A shade for every style

Pastel trends

All these color trends are probably sending everyone in a tail spin. While the neon trend may seem limited to punk dressers, this trend is more flexible. Some colors may even seem limited to some styles and we even notice that some dressers feel more comfortable in a specific pastel color. So how do you embrace the pastel colors and which one is right for you?


Philip Lim

Lavender seems the color pastel to embrace for causal dressers. It may be easier to purchase a shirt or a bottom in lavender like the Phillip Lim looks above. Keep the bottoms roomy and stay away from sheer looks. Loose pants can be paired with sneakers.


Pastels for romance

Pastel blue and peach are the colors for romance and it helps to get away from blush or pink cliche colors. Try the pastels in a dress with heavy lace details and vintage elements like collars.


Printed pastels? The House of Holland presented the perfect solution with animal print on pastel colors. So a pastel color background with edgy prints works best!!


We loved the look on mint green on classic dressers. Pants and other bottoms should be tailored. Dresses should flow like the images above.


Pastels? Isn’t that for timid people? Try a pastel cardigan over black to embrace this trend or try pastel tights with a black outfit. If clothes are not you, then try to wear a pastel accessory.

Seasons: another fashion rule broken

Blumerine Fall 2012

It has been recently noted by a stylist friend of mine that fashion has lost its seasons. I reported in an earlier post that bright colors and other trends were going from Spring to fall with just simple changes in print size, fabric type or color (see transition trends post here: https://pinkdivacutie.wordpress.com/2012/04/27/transition-trends-trends-to-take-from-spring-to-fall-2/). Rather the idea is to save money on troubling economic times that seems to be plaguing this country or the point that fashion has somehow lost its creative edge; the evidence still points to lack of seasonal diversity. Sure, fur in fall is still the norm but the removal of other fashion laws (see through clothes in broad daylight!! and midriff aplenty brought to city life?) have left fashion looking towards marketing strategies and less towards new ideas.

Dolce and Gabana

It is even more evident as fashion spirals towards craft-like gimmicks. I mean jewelry made from real pasta? So third grade and what do you do with a pair of 1500 pound pasta earrings that break – make a antipasta salad? In other words, removing seasons adds flexibility to fashion that allows them to create something new and different or just repurposing something we usually don’t wear in fall.

We hope that this cheapish (in materials but not in price) chic is another fashion craze on its way out.

Innovation is the corner stone of fashion and creativity its foundation.

Transition trends: Trends to take from Spring to Fall


The economy is taking a slow upward turn; however it is still necessary to save our pennies while still expanding our wardrobes. So how do we get to save money, stay on trend and still be uniquely ourselves? How do we stop ourselves from hitting sales of out-dated last fall and early spring wardrobes of department store fame? Do we really have to just shop our closet and (gasp Lucky how could you even suggest this :O) pick one trendy piece and pair it with different articles i.e. wear one shirt for a week!

Well take away those shopping blues and follow this simple guide based on your style to actually bridge the gap between the seasons and buy for two seasons at the same time!!

Romance/ Vintage

The flower trend is just for you and picking dark flower motifs with lacy details now will definitely prepare you to rock this trend for fall. If you are really daring try metal flowers especially brass and copper motifs to embrace the metallic approach of the fall and keeping with the flower motifs of spring.


The neon trend is right up the punk girl’s alley and this trend will go way into fall. Brights for fall you say impossible? It may seem so but its true. For rockers, try the dark romance trend and wear what you usally wear with airy or dark lace tops.


Hey causal ladies, you probably love large cofy sweaters that are on sale now at stores while the weather is still cold (this has been a very late winter). Well these large sweaters are still in for Fall 2012 so buy these now and wear them later!! Classic dressers you have two options keep those wide brim hats you wore on summer beaches because you will need them again for fall! Also embrace the black and white motifs already in your closet and buy bohemian prints to add to your wardrobe (think paisley and embroidery).


If you can’t find a white dress now or in your closet, you were never really a glam goddess. No doubt, you have some kind of fur in your closet and those starlet gloves. Buy white dresses now and pair them with a belt (it doesn’t need to make a statement) and pair with the fur you already have to turn it into a fall look.

So when you are shopping dillard’s extra 30% off clearance sale going on now, keep this blog in mind and shop fall and spring/summer trends and save!!

Spring handbags: Embossed leather

The best part about this trend is that you can tailor the prints to your personal style. If you are a classic dresser, pebble and basic leather finishes are the best choices. For rockers and punk dressers, crocodile print. For glam dressers, snake print is a must. For vintage and romance dressers, ostrich is a sure bet. Casual dressers can stick to a smooth finish.

To get the best bags for under 60 dollars, we visited baghaus.com:

Nila Anthony - ostrich bag

This bag is priced 49.95 and is just the right style for vintage and romance.

Then we checked out nordstrom.com for the snakeskin Elliot Lucca bag that is on sale for 65.00. This bag is great bag for glam dressers.

Elliot Lucca

Finally, we journeyed to amiclubwear.com for this light brown basket weave bag for just 27.99.

Ami club wear

If you find a bag that follows this trend, please post it on our new facebook page!!